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Save Money for Travel

  • Pennies a Day Travel Saving Strategy

    The Pennies a Day Method of Saving Travel funds — Do you have pocket change? Then you can travel. Much of the information on Vagabond Journey.com is geared towards the traveling lifestyle. I know that any sort of lifestyle requires sacrifices that not every person is willing to make. Many of the how to save [...]

  • Travel and Work on Farms

    Traveling on the Path of the Sedentary– In a Biblical sense, the act of farming was the great metaphor for sedentarization. And thus man ceased wandering, took up the hoe, and walled himself into cities. In a momentary expression of my new found — though ultimately, temporary — sendentarization, I took up work on an [...]

  • Anatomy of Adventure

    Perhaps quality of life is not measured by how much money you can make, but by how little money you can spend. I wrote this a week ago at the beginning of another travelogue entry. I thought it sounded pretty good . . . So I wrote it again, to start off in a new [...]

  • How to Build a Free Shelter

    It is my impression that quality of life is not measured by how much money you make, but by how little money you spend. Some of the highest standards of living that I have observed are often in the most remote places of the planet, where the water is clean, the air is breathable, and [...]

  • How to Dumpster Dive for Free Food

    How to Find Free Food — Immediately prior to stepping foot off the farm for my first journey, my grandfather – who lived much of his life on the Road — took me aside and imparted some wise words of advice that have subsequently gotten me out of more jams and saved me more money [...]