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Prague Waterpark

Day three of dadding. I got this shit.

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PRAGUE, Czech Republic- Yesterday we went into town for supplies to go to the waterpark: namely, swim diapers. I’m relatively confident dadding but I have no idea what I would do if my 2-year-old crapped in a public pool? What do you do? Run away? Pretend it didn’t happen? “Wasn’t mine.” Fish it out with a stick?

I deemed swim diapers mandatory. We went into downtown yesterday. I had to coerce the Uber driver into letting us get in — the Czech Republic, apparently, has carseat laws. I don’t travel with a carseat. “Don’t worry, I’ll hide it.” We got the diapers.

Today we went to the pool.

Right after crossing through the turnstile into the park I was met head on with a core conflict of a dad parenting girls. There were two ways in: through the male locker room or through the female locker room. I’m a dude and I can’t go in the woman’s section but my older daughter is a girl in the midst of puberty and doesn’t feel comfortable going into the men’s section.

Now the question was, do I bring Petra in with Rivka and I or do I send her into the woman’s area on her own in a place that we are unfamiliar with and just hope she can figure it out and make it through to the other side. I had no idea how big these locker rooms were, how intuitive it would be to get through them to the pools, if it was required to shower or not … Could she do it on her own? Would she get lost? Would a pervert get her?

My first inclination was to keep her with me — it’s just easier this way. She’s a bold kid who can handle things on her own but why take on a potential complication if we don’t have to?

So I walked into the locker room ahead to check it out:

Dicks. Dicks everywhere. Big ones, small ones, all kinds of ones.

I thought there may have been one or two briefly peaking out here and there but they were basically hanging from the rafters in this place.

Now, I don’t have a problem with my daughters observing the raw human figure — especially in Europe where naked people are more normal than they are in overtly prude countries like the USA — but so many samples concentrated together in one petri dish was a little too overwhelming. Getting swatted by a long swinger isn’t an early memory of men that I wish to instill here.

I also don’t want it to create situations where it could make her feel awkward.

“Back up, back up.”

I sent Petra through on her own. She watched what the other ladies did and followed suit. She showered, put on her bathing suit, and was waiting for us at the exit of the male locker room when Rivvy and I got there.

The pools were fun, to put it simply. I hung out with the MILFs as my daughters went ape shit.

Day three of solo dadding: so far, so good.

Now how about a new challenge? Read tomorrow to find out more …


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