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Why rent a yacht for your next holiday?

A new way to travel.

Most travelers believe that an overwater bungalow is the only way to be guaranteed of oceanfront privacy. What you ought to know is that there is always a better option for you-yachting. Fortunately, planning for a yacht holiday is not such a complex thing to do considering that there are hundreds of companies that offer yacht charters. Incrediblue, luxury yacht rental has a wide range of yacht options you can choose from and ensure you have an amazing vacation experience with your loved ones. You may be wondering why yacht rentals are becoming popular among many travelers, well, this is due to the wide range of benefits it offers.

There is something magical in yachts

Can you imagine anchoring in a completely undeveloped place, like an isolated for instance? This can be a perfect place for you to enjoy swimming at sunset and have delicious dinner before the last light fades. Rather than the hustle and bustle of the city, the only sounds you can hear are laughter and smooth ocean waves.

There is no rush

Compared to cruise ships, there is no way a yacht can sail to the next destination without you. If you are enjoying the swimming, and your kids just don’t want to leave the beach, the departure time can be postponed. Since it is your boat, you are the one in charge of the schedule, and your vacation too.

You are travelling with local experts

If you book for a crewed yacht charter, both the chef and the captain will be a part of your amazing experience. They will sail you to the best bands and watering holes. You will also have the chance of anchoring on beautiful beaches with no one in sight but your loved ones.
You don’t have to book an entire yacht

Some yacht companies will allow couples to only book a cabin on the yacht. You can then fill out a questioner to match you with another couple if both of you have the same preferences. This will help reduce costs while ensuring that you have a wonderful vacation experience. There are also departure policies that allow the yacht to sail even when there is just one couple aboard.

Some yachts are big enough to accommodate the whole family, and your friends too

There are companies that have bigger fleets which can come in handy, especially when you want to hold a large yacht party. Standard yachts can only accommodate three to four cabins but bigger yachts can have up to six cabins.

It is not that expensive

If you book a yacht during low seasons, prices tend to be very affordable, which means that you can have a once in a lifetime yacht experience without worrying about incurring a lot of expenses.
With all the benefits that come with yacht rentals, you can consider renting a yacht for your next vacation and experience the exciting feeling of sailing along beautiful beaches, surrounded by nothing but nature. The good thing is that you can lower your costs by sharing the yacht with friends.

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