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Packing for Your Family Sailing Vacation?

How to prepare for traveling on a yacht.

Sailing is one of the best things that you can do to recharge and reboot your life. It not only helps you to be independent but gives you the time to spend quality time with your loved ones outside of routine life. A chance to get away from it all and lose yourself in a literal ocean of calmness, from one of tens of different destinations across the Med.

But packing the right things for a sailing jaunt can be a challenge because you have to take a lot of things along with you, especially if you’re taking kids on board too, which makes packing light an issue – and when you factor in that there is only limited space on the boat for all your things, it can make it especially tricky.  We’ve tried to give you a few top tips…

Never Pack in a Hard Suitcase

You should never pack your things inside a hard suitcase when going on a sailing trip- no matter how many things you need to pack, it is always best to choose a duffel bag or a soft case. Why? Not all the sailboats are spacious and so it might take up a lot of space inside. Moreover, hard bags are heavier and bulkier, and whilst you might be able to squeeze a soft bag into one of the cupboards on board, a hard case is never going to fit, which is just going to be annoying for people trying to walk past it for the whole week!

YachtsNever Pack too Many Warm Clothes

It is unnecessary to pack a lot of warm clothes, as most of the time you’ll be outside in the sunshine. One warm jumper and a windproof jacket are all you will ever need for Caribbean or Mediterranean sailing holidays, though you can throw a blazer in if you think you’ll be staying in the more luxurious marinas.

Never Pack too Many Shoes

Too many shoes will make your baggage unnecessarily heavy. So pack two sandals, one for wearing inside the yacht, and another if you are going ashore on the beach. You will more than likely end up being barefoot most of the time on board anyway!

Never Pack Oily Cosmetic and Cream Products

If you love your skin and want to take care, just carry sunscreen. It might sound odd, but it is the best thing to apply on your sailing trip. You will hardly get any time to do makeup, and the salty water of the ocean can make your skin greasy and oily. Apply some sunscreen and you are set for the day.

SailingNever Take Electronic Beauty Gadgets

When you are going for a sailing vacation with your family, never take electronic beauty gadgets like a hairdryer and electric shavers because of most of the sailboats, whether catamarans or other traditional sailing yachts have only 12-volt charging points.

Never Pack Sports Equipment

Don’t even think of taking your sports equipment like surfing board, sea scooter, and mountain bike to your sailing vacation without asking your captain before starting off for the journey. If you are interested in water sports, you can hire a yacht which has all the equipment, like a sea bob, etc..


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