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  • On a Roll in Little Rock

    I think Im on a roll here in Little Rock I’m solid as a stone Baby wait and see I got just one small problem here in little rock Without you Baby I’m not me – from a song by Colin Raye I’ve been in Arkansas for way too long, about three weeks but it [...]

  • Fishing in Arkansas

    My brother Choctaw with a stringer of fish he caught. Middle April is a great time to go fishing in Arkansas. That’s what my brother Choctaw and I did today. Choctaw picked me up this morning about 7 AM. We went by a bait shop and picked up a bucket of minnows then we headed [...]

  • Little Rock

    I know I’ve disappeared a time or two Along the way I lost me and you I needed a new town for my new start… So begins a once popular Country and Western song by Colin Raye.  The song is about a guy who goes to Little Rock, Arkansas to try to make a new [...]

  • Green Cities and Smiley Faces

    Howdy all. I know it’s been a while but I’ll try to bring everything up to date. The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. I am now out of the house. It is officially sold. I’m staying for the next few days in Rosebud, Arkansas. I’ve still got a couple of things to [...]

  • Richland Memories

    Being old(er) really has it’s advantages. One of them is that I’ve got time off when everybody else is at work. That is a real asset when I feel like getting away by myself in the woods. That lets me take my trips on weekdays. Here in Arkansas though, it can’t be just any weekday. [...]

  • Detaching

    The house is sold. Closing is on the 29th. Most of the furniture is sold. A lot has been accomplished over the past few weeks. Still got a lot of logistics to juggle in the next couple of weeks. Time here in Mountain View is getting short. No matter what happens in the future, I [...]

  • Creeping out, trying to Chill

    Here I am, sitting in Turner’s Coffee Shop in Mountain View, Arkansas. I suspect this might be a little taste of what life will be like on a day to day basis soon. Sitting in a coffee shop, using a computer. Not creeping out. I still have a home but I can’t go there right [...]

  • Rush to Rust

    The “Old West” of the US is not the only place with ghost towns. Where ever money could be made by the rapid exploitation of scarce resources, there will be found the remnants and leftovers where people lived and died while grubbing in the ground for those who laid claim to those publicly owned natural [...]

  • Eating Jelly in Estados Unidos

    I was born in a third world country called Estados Unidos. It is country where children worked from daylight until dark along side the adults, laboring in the fields. We picked cotton for two and three cents a pound, and peaches and oranges for fifty cents a bushel. We followed the crops; cherries in Michigan, [...]

  • Bean Festival In Mountain View

    Mountain View, Arkansas is a unique little town in the Ozark Mountains. It is called “The Folk Music Capitol of the World.” That may be true on most weekends. This weekend though it could be called “Bean Capitol of the World” as thousands of people lined up for free beans and cornbread. There was plenty [...]