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  • More on Northern Lights in the South

    I didn’t see the Northern Lights last night myself. Some clouds rolled in. But apparently some people in other southern states did. Here is a link with yet another explanation of why this is happening.

  • Northern Lights in Arkansas

    Yes, friends and neighbors. There were northern lights in Arkansas last night. I can’t recall this ever happening before. Here is the official explanation: “The cause of the show was a coronal mass ejection from the sun that hit Earth’s magnetosphere at about 2 p.m. ET”, SpaceWeather.com reported. “The impact caused a strong compression in [...]

  • My Morning Walk

    Mountain View, Arkansas – the little town where I have lived for the last three years – is a cool little town in a lot of ways. I live one block from the downtown square and I still have a great place to walk in the morning. These are some pictures I took on my [...]

  • Oh Man, things are moving.

    Just got an offer on the house – but not to get too excited. There is a contingency. They’ve got to sell their house first. But they will know in one week. So I accepted the offer. But they really want this house. They are already talking to the real estate agent about an offer [...]

  • It’s Falling!

    As I was driving home today from Little Rock all at once I noticed something different – the leaves were changing colors! It is in deed fall here in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

  • Travel Vaccinations

    I didn’t even know Mountain View had a Public Health Department and I’ve lived here three years. I called “my” doctor’s office about getting vaccination boosters before I leave. They wanted $50 for an office visit and there was a charge for each booster depending on what it was. If I just got a tetanus [...]