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  • Jordan Israel Egypt Travel Summary

    These past travelogue entries from the Middle East have brought me to the conclusion that I am a penny pinching, incorrigible, uptight, money conscious geek and that the people of Egypt, Jordan, and Israel are money grubbing liars and cheats.This was my experience, but my experience was greatly limited by circumstance.For the sake of introspection, [...]

  • Travel by Land – Egypt, Israel, Jordan

    Transportation to cross borders between Egypt, Israel, and Jordan

    The border crossings between Egypt, Israel, and Jordan are very much frequented by tourists, and transportation options are readily available. Taxis, buses, and minibuses ply these borderlands regularly.

  • Travel by Car from Jordan to Israel

    How is Traveling from Jordan to Israel?

    If you look like tourists and you have your own car the route from Jordan to Egypt should be no problem at all.

    Just cross the Israeli border from Aqaba (10 km from city) and go through Eilat to Egypt (Taba). You could drive this route in under a half hour. Including border formalities — assuming you do not have Iraq or Syrian stamps in your passports and already possess Egyptian visas — I would say that you should be in Egypt in under two hours.

  • Transit Visa to Jordan

    I am planning on taking a low budget airline to Amman (Jordan) and then enter Israel from there. What I need to know is would I need a tourist visa to Jordan?

  • Travelers Cross Israel Border with Iraq Syria Visas

    Crossing Israel Border with Iraq and Syria Visas We were well warned that crossing the border from Jordan to Israel with Iraqi and Syrian visas in our passports may prove to be a obstacle of mountainous proportions. Travelvice Craigy was stuck in Israeli immigration limbo for 12 hours as he tried to cross from Jordan [...]

  • Ferry Aqaba Jordan to Egypt Burned Vagabonds

    Travelers Burned at Aqaba Ferry Port From the new edition of Lonely Planet’s Middle Eastern guidebook, Jordan chapter about the ferry that runs between Aqaba, Jordan and Egypt: “There are two boat services from Aqaba to Nuweiba in Egypt . . . The fast boat (one hour) leaves daily except for Saturday and costs US$36/ [...]

  • Sea Urchin Wounds Travelers in Red Sea

    Vagabonds Wounded by Sea Urchin in Red Sea We were gotten. Yes, Chaya and I now know what it is like to step on a sea urchin. We were swimming in the Red Sea on a beach near Aqaba in Jordan. We were just doing our day, playing in the water and the sunshine. I [...]

  • Aqaba Jordan Not Disgusting For Long

    Aqaba Jordan Not Disgusting For Long Arriving in Aqaba by 6 dinar minibus from Wadi Musa my first reaction was to say, “Ick.” Perhaps it is folly for a traveler to dish out value judgments on places at first sight, but this is a folly that I must admit is difficult to uncultivate. I have [...]

  • Bedouin Tattoos in Jordan

    Tattooing has long been a custom for both Bedouin men and women. Today, the old style can still be seen over the hands and faces of older men and women, and it is very common for young men to still get tattooed with modern designs on their upper and lower arms. The tradition of hand [...]

  • Children of Petra

    Little Akmed “Akmed! Akmed!” a bristled mother calls to her Bedouin son in Petra. The poor mother is ignored. Little Akmed is too busy shaking down a couple tourists with his wit and charm to heed is mother’s calls. Chaya and I are the tourists. We were sitting in the shade of a huge sandstone [...]