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  • Tourist Catchphrases in Petra

    Tourist catchphrases in Petra As in many tourist zones of the world today, the touts and vendors 0f Petra have discovered that if they can make visitors laugh there is a much better chance of selling them something. But there is only so many times in one day that a tourist can hear a donkey [...]

  • Business Men can be Good Guys too

    Business men can be good guys, too “I really hate seeing animals treated like this,” a fat American spoke gruffly as a Bedouin quickly rode by on a beleaguered looking horse. The business man seemed to be trying to give himself a big self-congratulatory pat on the back in the presence of his business chums. [...]

  • Modern Bedouin

    Modern Bedouin A young Bedouin man dressed up in a clean black robe with a fancy white headscarf and shining black sunglasses sat down next to me as I sat in the shade of a pavilion drinking a $1.50 can of cold Sprite. —————————- Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in Jordan- May, 2009 Ask Travel Questions [...]

  • Photos and Anecdotes from Petra

    Photos and Anecdotes from PetraThe following are random photos from Petra in Jordan that did not really fit into other travelogue entries.—————————-Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in Jordan- May, 2009 Ask Travel QuestionsClick on map to view route of travel.Bedouin kids showing off “tattoos.”Little girl showing me her “tattoos” as her brother looks on.Bedouin jewelryCamel bone [...]

  • The Lorax of Petra

    The Lorax of Petra I stood in Petra with Chaya at my side watching some 20 year old American girl loudly scolding a Bedouin boy for how he was treating his herd of donkeys. “You can’t slap the donkey!” the great defender of animal rights yelled at the 9 year old boy who had been [...]

  • Vagabond Engagement at Petra

    Vagabond Engagement at PetraDay 1: Hike up to the monastery and visit all of the tourist sites in PetraDay 2: Hike into the mountains and get away from everyone.I paid a million dollars to have two days of hiking around Petra with Chaya. By a million dollars I mean $35, which is just about the [...]

  • Tourism in Wadi Musa- Petra

    Tourism in Wadi Musa- PetraI know that I am getting close to Egypt: everyone is trying to rip me off on everything I buy. I have been quickly absorbed deep into the bosom of tourism and am clearly a walking, breathing, bank chit. In every corner I am met by drawn on smiles and open [...]

  • Bartering Prices for a Bus Ticket

    Bartering Prices for a Bus Ticket Travel Tip The following is the algorithm that I often use for negotiating bus fares in areas of the world where rampant tourism has created a double tier pricing system where locals pay one price and foreigners a higher rate. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t. In Jordan [...]

  • Transportation in Jordan

    Transportation in Jordan“Wadi, Wadi, Wadi,” the conductor called out as I approached the minibus that he was dealing tickets for. I looked at how he was looking at me, and I knew then that I was going to be in for a struggle.There are two prices for transportation in the touristed stretches of Jordan: the [...]

  • Amman Jordan Not Modern City

    Amman, Jordan is Not a Modern CityIn Syria I was warned that Amman, the capital of Jordan, was a very modern city.When talking to other travelers, the word “modern,” is often used as a euphemism for “bad” or “not very interesting.” When used in reference to a place, “modern” also insinuates tons of traffic, pollution, [...]