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Make the most of your first day of vacation

How to prepare so your travels are as enjoyable as planned.

Whether you’ve booked a weekend, a week or more away, you’ll still want to ensure that the very first day starts your vacation with a bang. With some good preparation, you can make sure that you really get the most out of that first day of your vacation.

Make sure you’ve packed the essentials

The last thing you want to do on your first day is be trawling local stores for things that you could have easily bought and packed before you came. Sunglasses, sunscreen and sunhats are the main offenders, and you can sometimes lose hours of your first day just by having to venture out for these.

Remember it’s important to invest in good eyewear, especially if you’re spending time in powerful sunshine. Protecting your eyes from UV rays is imperative so check out this range of highly effective sunglasses in a variety of styles by visiting this website here.

Shop on the way to your accommodation

If you’re traveling by plane, then it is unlikely that you’ll be able to take much in the way of food and drink, so you’ll likely need to take a trip to a local store on the first day.

Before you fly, work out the route between the airport and your accommodation and seek out a supermarket somewhere in between – the nearer to your accommodation the better. By doing your grocery shop before you reach your accommodation, you’ll be able to avoid an extra trip out afterwards, leaving you more time to spend by the pool or exploring the local area!

Take this an extra step by writing a shopping list before you arrive to ensure that you can get around the store in record time!

Book an early flight

Whilst flight prices can vary depending on the time of day that you fly, you get much more value out of your first day if you choose to fly early. Despite it possibly requiring you to wake up much earlier to get to check-in, you’ll feel like you have so much more time to use on the first day.

If you are a little tired after your arrival, then you will surely enjoy a nap at your destination, much more than you would at home!

Book a nice restaurant for your first night

No one wants to cook on their first night of vacation, so spend a little time beforehand researching restaurants in the local area which will suit your group’s taste. From local cuisine to home comforts or luxury meals to eating on a budget, there are likely to be so many different options around your chosen destination to suit.

Check out a site like TripAdvisor beforehand which will usually be filled with other traveler’s reviews, so you can rest assured that you will have a first night to remember. You should also be able to filter by the different types of cuisine to help you filter down the choices.

Alternatively, book a lunch rather than a dinner, and choose somewhere en route to your destination rather than at the destination itself.


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