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Why Your Accommodation Will Make or Break Your Travel

How to book quality rooms when traveling.

There are many types of accommodation you can opt to stay at during your trip. Choosing the right place to stay at is highly important and something that shouldn’t be on the bottom of your list when preparing your travel itinerary. It is more than just a room where you rest your head at night. It should be your sanctuary after a long day of activities. It’s supposed to offer you a chance to recharge for the rest of your day. If it isn’t, then it might actually ruin your whole travel experience.

Consider Location and Timing

One of the biggest mistakes travelers do is not double-check the location of their hotel and its proximity to the tourist spots or the city center. The location is crucial so it won’t ruin your daily trips or make you spend too much time and money on transportation. Let’s say you’re visiting an exotic location like Vietnam and you’re stopping by a tourist destination like the city of Hoi An, your Hoi An accommodation needs to be close to the town center within walking distance, so you can find better transportation for daily trips or be able to buy whatever you need at any time of the day. Most cities have many hotels near their city center, so be sure to check a map before you book.

The types of accommodation to offer you

There are many types of accommodation to choose from and each one reflects a different cultural experience. Many places have character if you’re looking to soak in all the culture and tradition. Most hotel chains offer the same luxurious service at any one of their chains and bring a comfortable experience. Inns or motels usually reflect the culture of the city you’re in regarding the architecture, traditions, food, and lifestyle. Hostels are a place where you can socialize with like-minded travelers from all over the world. Booking an apartment works well for longer trips, or if you have a big family, and gives you the chance to experience the city like a local. Be sure to understand what your accommodation will offer you so you won’t feel that you’re staying in a boring place.

Watch out for renovations

Many accommodations tend to go through renovations every now and then. This can be quite disruptive to you as a guest. There might be sections of the hotel closed off with no access at all, or there might be unwanted and loud construction noises, as well as many other inconveniences. Be sure to check the hotel’s website to avoid any mishaps that will ruin your stay.

Beware of hidden fees

When we travel, we tend to organize our budget down to the dime. We make sure exactly what we will spend money on as well as save some for emergencies. However, there are times when your accommodation surprises you with hidden fees. Hotels can charge for Wi-Fi use, daily parking fees, and many others. Renting apartments can also charge you for maintenance or cleaning services. Some online booking or hotel websites don’t display their tax and service fee until you’re about to check out. Be sure to check what falls under your original booking price and what doesn’t to avoid any surprises.

The option of pre-booking

In order to get the best deals on hotels, there comes a time when you have to plan ahead and book your accommodation in advance. This offers you rooms at a much lower price and it reduces the anxiety of wondering where you’ll stay. However, booking in advance has its downsides as well. If circumstances force you to cancel your trip or modify the dates, you’ll lose a bit of your investment in the process.

Consider it your home

Whether you’re traveling for luxury and relaxation, or you’re planning an experience with jam-packed activities, you still need a comfortable place to return to at the end of your day. Your accommodation has the power to make your trip enjoyable, or completely ruin it. Be sure to cover the basics and you’ll enjoy a carefree traveling experience.


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