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  • How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Paraguay

    How Much Money do I Need to Travel in Paraguay? Paraguay is a South American country that can be explored very cheaply. The local currency is the Guarani. As of September 2011, the exchange rate was 3,960 PAraguayan Guarani to the US dollar. A budget traveler will do alright on $15 a day, an extreme [...]

  • Is it Safe to Travel in Paraguay?

    Dangers and warnings for travelers in Paraguay Paraguay has a bad rap on its security and level of safety. There ARE areas of the country that are more dangerous than others, mostly in the Concepcion and Pedro Juan Caballero areas in the Northeast. But most of Paraguay is incredibly beautiful and relatively safe. There are [...]

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    Asuncion, ParaguayParaguay is an interesting place to travel simply because no one else travels here. The infrastructure is not set-up for tourists. It’s barely set-up for its own citizens. The idea that someone wants to visit Paraguay seems to baffle its own citizens. ‘Paraguay? Why are you here?’ they ask. Stuck between three of South [...]

  • White Beach on the Cerrado

    Laguna Blanca, ParaguayAfter 40 kilometers on a bus that I can only describe as spectacularly dilapidated on a dirt road that gave a whole new meaning to ‘bumpy’ I was dumped off at a cross roads in the middle of absolutely no where. To my right was a repair shop, a shirtless, large bellied Paraguayan [...]

  • Grit, Grime and Concrete

    Ciudad del Este, ParaguayFrom Puerto Iguazu in Argentina to the border town of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay it’s a one hour bus ride through three countries (Argentina, Brasil, and Paraguay) costing 8 pesos ($2). The ride also set a record for the shortest amount of time I’ve ever been in one country – Brasil, [...]