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  • How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Paraguay

    How Much Money do I Need to Travel in Paraguay? Paraguay is a South American country that can be explored very cheaply. The local currency is the Guarani. As of September 2011, the exchange rate was 3,960 PAraguayan Guarani to the US dollar. A budget traveler will do alright on $15 a day, an extreme [...]

  • Is it Safe to Travel in Paraguay?

    Paraguay has a bad rap on its security and level of safety.

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    Asuncion, ParaguayParaguay is an interesting place to travel simply because no one else travels here. The infrastructure is not set-up for tourists. It’s barely set-up for its own citizens. The idea that someone wants to visit Paraguay seems to baffle its own citizens. ‘Paraguay? Why are you here?’ they ask. Stuck between three of South [...]

  • White Beach on the Cerrado

    Laguna Blanca, ParaguayAfter 40 kilometers on a bus that I can only describe as spectacularly dilapidated on a dirt road that gave a whole new meaning to ‘bumpy’ I was dumped off at a cross roads in the middle of absolutely no where. To my right was a repair shop, a shirtless, large bellied Paraguayan [...]

  • Grit, Grime and Concrete

    Ciudad del Este, ParaguayFrom Puerto Iguazu in Argentina to the border town of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay it’s a one hour bus ride through three countries (Argentina, Brasil, and Paraguay) costing 8 pesos ($2). The ride also set a record for the shortest amount of time I’ve ever been in one country – Brasil, [...]