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  • Tulum Is The Worst Tourist Trap On The Planet Tulum beach

    If you like brown water beaches, extortionately priced taxis, and crappy restaurants more pricey than New York City, you’d love Tulum.

  • I Went On A Vacation To Mexico, For Real Cancun

    When vagabonds go on vacation.

  • Escape To Mexico: The Final Frontier For Covid Travels?

    Fleeing Turkey’s Covid lockdowns and a hotel fire, Nomadic Backpacker is free again. But is he at the end of the road?

  • I Was an Illegal Alien in Mexico Yankee go home Mexico

    Why happens when you overstay your visa in Mexico? Gar Williams finds out the hard way.

  • Cuatro Cienegas: Pools of Life on the Verge of Death

    Life at Mexico’s Cuatro Cienegas Basin has been present for the past 3.5 billion years, but it is meeting its biggest challenge yet: us.

  • On the Way Home to Catemaco, Mexico

    El Centro in Catemaco, Mexico I’m in Veracruz, population somewhere around three million people. In the morning I will get on a plane bound for the USA. I haven’t been there for over five months. Despite the illnesses I suffered in my early travels, I have been having a great time. I have made many [...]

  • Easter Pirate Adventure

    One of the first words I learned here is “Pirate” which is pronounced “Pee-RAH-tuh” in Spanish. It means a truck that carries passengers for money. Since riding in the back of a pickup is now illegal in most of the US, pirates are a chance to do something I last did as a kid. Plus, [...]

  • Cancun Mexico is a Tourist’s Buyer’s Market

    Cancun doesn’t have an identity crisis. It is what it says it is: a place to go and party and hang out on a beautiful beach, a place to go on vacation at the second longest coral reef in the world. Punto. There is nothing to mislead you here, no tempting photographs that speak more [...]

  • Photos: Waterfalls of Catemaco

    There many cool things about Catemaco, one of the cooliest, especially on a hot day, are the beautiful waterfalls around this area. Most allow swimming at the foot of the falls.

  • My Geckos in Mexico

    Nothing says “you are now in the tropics” quite like bamboo-bladed ceiling fans. Unless it is geckos on the walls. My ceiling fans aren’t bamboo but I do have the geckos. I have at least two geckos. I can tell them apart because Number One is bigger than Number Two. This is my Gecko number [...]