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  • Palenque – Part 2

    I’ve been asked to post more pictures of Palenque. Hope you enjoy: This is a shot of Mayan tradesmen setting up for the day at the base of one of the pyramids. A stone for sacrifices? I don’t know. There were a couple of these. Both were at the bottom of pyramids. Of course, that [...]

  • Ruins of Palenque

    On the morning of Feb. 10th, I got up and after breakfast at Don Mucho’s I left on foot for the ruins. Right outside El Panchan, a turn to the left takes me to a gate with a guy standing around with a machine gun and a guy charging 27 pesos to get a wristband [...]

  • A Mexican Magic Carpet Ride

    A lot has happened since the last post. I have left San Cristabol, spent several days in Palenque and am now in Catemoco. And, besides all that traveling in space, I have done some traveling in my mind. I’ve decided to make Catemoco my home – at least for a while. That doesn’t mean I [...]

  • A Realistic Look at the Dangers of Traveling in Mexico

    On February 8th the US Department of State intensified its travel warning for Mexico to include 14 of the country’s 31 states. This is up from the April 2011 warning that only advised against traveling in two states and parts of eight others. This recent communique from the state department slaps advisories all over the [...]

  • Mexican Tamales on Dia de la Candelaria

    It is inevitable that during the course of any travelers wanderings in Latin America they will eventually stare down a plate containing a soggy banana leaf that is wrapped tightly around a mashed together bundle of corn meal, meat, vegetables, and other assorted ingredients. These are called tamales in most Latino countries, or pasteles in [...]

  • Popocatepetl Volcano

    The 17,886-foot volcano 40 miles southeast of the Mexican capital is the country’s second-highest peak and has experienced at least 15 major eruptions in the last 500 years. The weather here in San Cristobal has just not been to my liking lately. There are too many days when it is cloudy. When it is cloudy, [...]

  • Another Pleasant Valley Sunday in San Cristobal de las Casas

    Well, lets see. Today is Sunday, another bright sunny day here in San Cristobal so how about a stroll down to the craft market? The first thing we pass is El Centro, basically the center of town. It is a nice little park with a restaurant in the middle. It’s not obvious from the picture [...]

  • 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Chiapas, Mexico

    SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- The floor of my apartment in San Cristobal de las Casas became suddenly pliable, it shifted smoothly to the east and west. The things on my counter top vibrated gently. I made for the door and stepped out into the courtyard and waited to see if the earthquake would grow worse. [...]

  • San Cristobal Morning Walk

    Sometimes I get up early. Sometimes I get up a little later. Whenever I get up, and where ever I get up I go for a little morning walk. Stroll along with me on my little walk in San Cristobal. In the first few pictures you have to look pretty hard to see where we [...]

  • My Backpack has been Blessed!

    …no – seriously. I’m not kidding. With holy water yet. By a priest. When I came back to my hotel room today I noticed as I walked down the short hall to my room that I was following a trail of water droplets. Then I looked up. At the end of the trail was the [...]