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El Salvador

  • Introducing Solid Foods and Baby Led Weaning

    When Petra was six months old, she started to seem interested in solid foods, and I began to do research about how to introduce them to her. Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a term that springs up on natural parenting books.

  • Petra gets Amoebas in El Salvador

    Care for Amoebas in El Salvador After our two week stay in Guatemala, my husband, seven month old Petra, and I took a bus to El Salvador. I had been to El Salvador three times previously and have a cousin who lives there, so it was something of a homecoming for me. I feel comfortable [...]

  • R&R at it´s Best

     Los Cobanos, El SalvadorAfter two nights of sleeping on the ground Tez and I packed up camp in twenty minutes and made a straight course for the first bus out of El Imposible. We were ready for a shower and a couple days of relaxation and we had heard of an idyllic location: Hostel Kalindigo [...]

  • El Imposible es Posible

    El Imposible National Park, El Salvador“Twenty dollars, hostel and El Salvador are three words that shouldn’t be said in the same sentence.” That was Tez’s opinion as we walked back from dinner and I had to agree with him. We had recently arrived into the small town of San Miguelito outside of El Imposbile National [...]

  • Nothing Much to Report

    Suchitoto, El SalvadorThe last few days have been a whirlwind of activity but no large events. The days have been about as normals as days can be while traveling and have consisted of mostly hanging out with people that I have already met previously on my travels. On Thursday I moved from Gracias to Santa [...]

  • Value of Currency a Cultural Symbol

    Value of Currency is a Cultural Symbol SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- Money has no inherent value. Money is only worth something because we say that it is. That is all there is to it. It was good to be reminded again that money is just a symbol — it is just the proverbial finger pointing at [...]

  • Dancing Goes Beyond Culture

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- It is Saturday night in Suchitoto, the disco is packed, everybody in town is here: the girl who works at a pupusaria, the guy from the language school, the faces that people the streets of this little city north of San Salvador are on the dance floor. They are wearing clothes designed [...]

  • Cars Trucks from USA Sent to El Salvador

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- I cannot say that I have ever wondered about where my family’s old cars went after junking them in the USA. More than likely, they remained as junk and were picked clean of parts like a corpse before a gang of vultures. Though there is a reasonable chance that the cars you [...]

  • Craftsmanship Shows Culture

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- The landlord of our apartment complex told us when we moved in that he would have a window put in to fill a little 1.5 foot square portal that was only blocked up with a few bars and a piece of ply board. I just shrugged. The rest of the apartment’s orifices [...]

  • Vagabond 29 Years Old

    29 years old.