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El Salvador

  • Stepping into a Culture When Should a Traveler Act

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- Sometimes in travel you will see maliciousness, poverty, suffering, intolerance, and ambivalence in the local cultures that you can only deem by your own standards as being cruel. This is a normal part of traveling. Sometimes you will feel compelled to step in and help, most often you know that such action [...]

  • Infant Development and Traveling

    Traveling and Infant Development SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- Petra is a traveling baby. Before this, she was a traveling featus — though I do not believe that Charles at MostTraveledPeople.com so far allows users to account for their in-utero travels. Petra did two squinty eyed, mushy headed months in Maine before joining her father out in [...]

  • Rainy Season Begins in Central America

    Rainy Season Begins in Central America The rainy season in Central America begins in May and lasts until September or October. Traveling is still possible as, outside of genuine storms, the rains tend to come in torrential downpours that only last for a couple of hours at around the same time each day. SUCHITOTO, El [...]

  • Domestic Violence and Latino Culture

    Domestic Violence in Latino Culture SUCHTOTO, El Salvador- A heavy hand from a large man fell hard against the slender cheek of a thin woman. The hand rose again just to fall upon the same target, again and again. The woman screamed “Mierda!” as she tried to fight back. She was being beaten. Her husband [...]

  • El Duende Mythological Creature in El Salvador

    CINQUERA, El Salvador- El Duende is a little green guy that lives in the mountains of El Salvador. I am told. I am also told that he gives free tamales to people. I went out one night into the mountains where El Duende lives and distributes tamales. I was with a group of friends from [...]

  • Solar Water Disinfection

    CINQUERA, El Salvador- Solar water disinfection is the practice of making otherwise bacterially contaminated water drinkable by putting it in plastic bottles and exposing it to direct sunlight for at least six hours. I have noticed plastic bottles filled with water sitting on the roofs of homes in El Salvador, and, when I come to [...]

  • Take Mirror Off Wall During Lightning Storm

    CINQUERA, El Salvador- “Did you see why they did that?” “Did what?” “Did you see that they took the mirror off the wall because of the lightning?” It was true, as soon as lightning struck and the rains began pouring down all the mirrors in the little house in rural El Salvador were removed from [...]

  • Live Travel Like a Lab Rat in a Maze

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- Live like a lab rat in a maze, I am not joking, this is a key to travel, a key to living. I was at a Mother’s Day festival with my wife, Chaya, and the baby. Chaya was walking in front of the baby and I. She spotted one open bench. She [...]

  • Mothers Day in Latin America

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- Mother’s day in El Salvador is a day for men to get drunk. Apparently. A day for men to get drunk and ride horses, play soccer, sit on street corners singing drunken tunes with other drunken men, and then possibly even topping the day off by passing out in the streets, drunk. [...]

  • Travel Newsletter El Salvador May 2010

    Vagabond Journey Newsletter | El Salvador | May 11, 2010 Introduction/ Travel Update We sped out of Guatemala with a promise of work, and a commitment to return in early March. The Finca Tatin in the eastern jungles promised us free room and free board (good food) to tend to the traveler zoo. Chaya and [...]