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Vagabond Journey


  • Kinmen: Communist China’s Biggest Embarrassment

    Though hardly 3 kilometers away from mainland China, Kinmen is a part of Taiwan. The island group was the last stand of the Chinese Nationalists — a position they have yet to relinquish to this day.

  • Kinmen Cleavers, Knives Made from Bombshells

    An entire industry fell from the sky on Kinmen Island.

  • A Tale of Two Chinas: While the PRC Demolishes its Historic Buildings Taiwan Saves Them

    There is more that separates China and Taiwan than a narrow strait. Where ancient buildings and traditional neighborhoods are seen as a barrier to profit on one side they’re the other’s ticket to develop a budding tourism industry. There is perhaps a reason for the shift in the winds of tourism.

  • This is What an Ancient Chinese Anti-Theft Alarm System Looks Like

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAH5rhfaHGI?rel=0]
    Ever wonder how the ancient Chinese kept intruders out of their home? This was one way.

  • The Bermuda Triangle of the East Mystery Continues

    The Laoye Temple waters, otherwise known as the Bermuda Triangle of the East, have seen the disappearance of thousands of ships over the centuries, and remains one of the world’s remaining big mysteries. This is the story of what I found there.

  • Chinese History: Cultural Revolution Slideshow thumbnail Chinese History: Cultural Revolution Slideshow

    “It was like everyone had gone made for ten years.” This is perhaps the most accurate way I’ve ever heard China’s Cultural Revolution ever summed up. The ten years of this movement were surely some of most absolutely insane in recorded history.

  • Old, Western Style Houses on Kinmen Island, Taiwan

    An enclave of old Western buildings rise near the port on Kinmen Island. How did they get there and who built them?

  • Kinmen Island, Taiwan: What Is This Place?

    Kinmen Island is an outpost of Taiwan which has been teetering precariously a few miles off the coast of mainland China for the past 60 years.

  • Yangzhou is a Very Modern Ancient City

    If any place in the world deserves to be called ancient, it’s Yangzhou. This city is so old, in fact, that when it was first conceived the Romans were just coming up with their 12 tables of law, the Maya were devising their first solar calendar, Alexader the Great was over a hundred years away [...]

  • Rush to Rust

    The “Old West” of the US is not the only place with ghost towns. Where ever money could be made by the rapid exploitation of scarce resources, there will be found the remnants and leftovers where people lived and died while grubbing in the ground for those who laid claim to those publicly owned natural [...]