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Getting The YouTube Channel Caught Up

Three months of travel summarized in one video for our YouTube subscribers.

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I have a parallel audience consuming video versions of this travelogue content on my YouTube channel (please subscribe). It’s interesting, as the different tribes don’t seem to overlap very much — the people on YouTube stay on YouTube, the people here stay here. The problem is that I often give attention to one platform while neglecting the other … flipping back and forth as time roles on.

This is a fundamental challenge for me as my entire business strategy is built on producing vast amounts of content on multiple platforms for various tiers of publications. I.e. I write articles for big media, books for publishers, and blog and vlog for me to tell the daily story. Mixed altogether, this strategy enables me to continue traveling, observing, chronicling …

However, I haven’t perfected the strategy yet, and it seems that the times that I’m doing well on the blog I’m neglecting the YouTube channel and vice versa. I need to do both regularly, as — this may seem strange — many of my big opportunities stem from these platforms. Big media gives me authority and this more personal media shows that I’ve been there … Going there seems to be of way more interest.

Anyway, I just started posting on my YouTube channel again after taking three months off. Below is a video giving a quick run down of my travels since May for the crowd over there. I will continue telling the more in-depth version of these stories on the blog over the next couple of weeks. So stay tuned for that — a bunch more is coming from Canada.


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