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Czech Republic Visa

Travel Visas to Czech Republic The Czech Republic is part of the Schengen zone, so this means that an entry stamp to this country is good for the 24 other member states and vice versa. Generally, tourists are given an entry stamp into the region that is good for 90 out of 180 days. This [...]

Travel Visas to Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is part of the Schengen zone, so this means that an entry stamp to this country is good for the 24 other member states and vice versa. Generally, tourists are given an entry stamp into the region that is good for 90 out of 180 days. This is a multiple entry visa, and leaving the zone and returning does not start the time count over — even though another stamp may be placed into a passport.

The following information is on visas to the Czech Republic in particular as well as the Schengen zone in general.

Schengen visa questions
Overstayed visa in the Czech Republic

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Frequently asked questions about Czech Republic travel visas

Visa overstaying waiting for immigration decision

Hi Wade, I have a situation I’m very nervous about maybe you have some thoughts.

I’ve been in Czech Republic since October. and I just learned that my Czech Republic schaengen visa application was denied from when I applied in October. I’ve not received any clear information from a lawyer here who really doesn’t know anything, and I’ve been getting conflicting reports of what I need to do now. I plan on returning back to USA IN early May, but if I have to leave sooner than I obviously I will to avoid disastrous punishment. .
I left the country within the 90 day time frame, but then came back a few days later. I had in my passport that I applied for a visa. The border control at airport let me back in, and gave me another stamp. I don’t even know if this meant that they saw my stamp and that means its okay to still be here since you applied, or if they just completely missed it.
So overall I’ve been in Zone for about 5 months total, but left to re-enter before the first 90 days were up. On April 3, the second stamp I was given when I re-entered Prague in January will be up.

So my questions are these: Is it their fault that they let me back in? Is it okay that I was waiting for visa while technically being over 90 day stay?

Also, when do I have to leave the Schaengen zone now? Do I have up until certain amount of days? And is it possible my situation now can ban me from entry in future, and for how long? Is my situation different and less severe punishment because I actually applied and they let me back in? Please somebody help I’m very concerned, I cannot be banned from Europe for work purposes.

Technically, you have overstayed your visa by two months. The Schengen tourist visa is good for an unlimited amount of multiple entries during the 180 days of its validity (you can only be in the zone for 90 of those 180 days). How many additional stamps that are put into to your passport are irrelevant — it is the first one that counts. But, although you have overstayed, it is my impression that you have paperwork and documentation that your additional time in the region was due to awaiting the decision on an extended visa (residency permit?) which ended up being denied. As long as you can show that you were awaiting this decision from immigration you should not be penalized for the overstay.

Keep in mind that so much about the immigration policies of the Schengen region are still left up to the interpretation of the individual member states as well as individual immigration officials. It is my recommendation that, as this is a Czech Republic issues, go through exit immigration in this country. Keep in mind that a flight that has a layover in another Schengen state will have you going through immigration there, so book a direct flight to London or Dublin and then fly on from there.

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