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Cheap Hotels and Hostels in Antigua, Guatemala

Introduction Cheap Accommodation in Antigua There are now plenty of options for cheap accommodation in Antigua, Guatemala. There are around 10 cheap hotels and hostels clustered on up around street 1A Calle Poniente in the northwest of Antigua. Cheap Accommodation Map This is a map of where to find cheap accommodation in Antigua. Most of [...]

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Introduction Cheap Accommodation in Antigua

There are now plenty of options for cheap accommodation in Antigua, Guatemala. There are around 10 cheap hotels and hostels clustered on up around street 1A Calle Poniente in the northwest of Antigua.

Cheap Accommodation Map

This is a map of where to find cheap accommodation in Antigua. Most of the cheap hotels are clustered around the same area in the northwest of town. Just walk there and check them out for yourself.

Map of cheap hotels in Antigua Guatemala

Price for Accommodation in Antigua

Expect to pay around 6 USD per night for a dorm bed and $10 to $15 for a private room.

Cheap Hotels and Hostels in Antigua

This is a listing of cheap accommodation in Antigua. Cheap means under $15 for a double room or under $8 for a dorm bed. Any accommodation above these costs should not be listed here. To contibute hotels to this page, click on the “edit this page” link below and submit your content below the last hotel listed.

Hotel Casa Shalom

Hotel Casa Shalom in Antigua Guatemala

The Hotel Casa Shalom is located at 1 Calle Poiente No.24 A in the cheap hotel district in the northwest of Antigua. It is a very high quality hotel with comfortable rooms, free WIFI, and a full complimentary breakfast in the morning. The Odyessy Travel Agency is also based out of this hotel, and Doris can help you get to wherever you want to go in Guatemala or in Central America. This is where I stay in Antigua. This hotel is popular with Israeli travelers, and there is often good conversation to be had in the common area.


Single: 80 Quetzales (?)

Double: 120 Quetzales

Dorm: 60 Quetzales

Hotel Viajero

Hotel El Viajero in Antigua Guatemala

This Hotel El Viajero is across the street from the Casa Shalom. It is one of the cheapest places to stay in Antigua, but it does not include breakfast.


Dorm: 40 Quetzales

Single: 80 Quetzales

Double: 90 Quetzales

El Jardin del Lolito

This hotel is located in the same area as the above two.


100 Quetzales per person.

Hotel Jardin del Lolito in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Orquideas Hotel

This hotel is located around the corner from the Casa Shalom to the southwest. It offers breakfast, internet, and drinking water.


Dorm: 45 Qutzales

Room: 65 Quetzales per person

hotel orquideas in Antigua Guatemala

Hotel UmmaGumma

This hotel is in the same area as the others. There are two Uma-Guma hotels on 7a Avenida Norte. The prices are the same for both.


Dorm: 40 Quetzales

Double: 120 Quetzales

Trusted Review of UmmaGumma Hostel by a Vagabond Journey Correspondent

I arrived at UmmaGumma by chance of a ‘street shark’ which I normally never use but was looking for a camera (as you know) and figured I would use him to my advantage.  I checked in and had the standard price of 60 Quetzals a night for a private room (no bathroom).  Normal price for the dorm is 50Q, however, 40Q is possible with negotiation.  My first few nights were ok and had no problem, however, tonight (a Friday night) this fell to pieces and found that they are very strict on their rules.

There are some signs up that say no outside alcohol, however, the people that work the bar on the terrace smoke weed and have no problem drinking rum or vodka until 2:00 am.  Given their preferences me and another guy thought it no major problem to bring a few liters of beer into the hostel and drink it on the roof top quietly talking (and by quietly I seriously mean quietly). We just wanted to talk and cause no disturbance to others that might be sleeping.  At which point one of the workers saw our beer (after drinking and smoking) decided that we had broken the rule of no outside alcohol.  At this point I will fully admit we were in violation of this rule, however, judging by the workers of this establishment it didn’t seem like a major problem.  I was proven wrong.

He came up to us immediately asking for money because we didn’t buy the beer at UmmaGumma even though their bar  was closed after we had returned.  He became quite aggressive and was threatening us.  In writing this I admit that we hadn’t adhered to the rules 100%, however, the hostel worker approached us drunk and demanding money from us to drink our beer on the terrace.  We gave him some cash to de-escalate the situation and watched him pocket the money and walk away.  He then came back again just to ensure he had our attention.  There are many affordable places to stay in Antigua with far less rules so I would cross this one off the list as acceptable.  I admit that we weren’t 100% in the right, however, there are better ways to handle this circumstance than an all-out aggressive attitude that borders on a fist-fight with your customers.

Hotel Umaguma II in Antigua


There are many hotels in Antigua, Guatemala. Many of them are cheap. This is just a sample of the ones that you can find in an area of the city that is packed with cheap hotels. Just go to this area, ask around, and find a room that meets your needs. If you are not going to Antigua during a holiday reservations are not needed.

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  • reina December 18, 2011, 9:42 am

    I wonder if it’s possible to negotiate for a weekly or monthly rate @ these places and how much of a discount could I hope to get? Thanks

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    • Chaya Shepard December 18, 2011, 11:03 pm

      It depends when you are traveling in Antigua. If you are there during the busy holiday seasons (especially around Christmas and Semana Santa) you probably can’t negotiate a lower price. If you are traveling during the low season though, it is possible to negotiate for a weekly or even monthly rate at some hostels. You can probably get a 10-20% discount on a weekly rate and could try for a bigger discount on a monthly rate.

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  • reina December 18, 2011, 11:43 pm

    Exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks!

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    • Vagabond Journey Guides December 30, 2011, 7:01 pm

      For a longer stay, an apartment would probably prove much cheaper. There are TONS of expats in Antigua. To find an apartment just walk through the neighborhoods looking for rental signs (usually placed on doors or in windows), ask foreigners who appear to live there, and look on the bulletin boards at supermarkets.

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