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  • Treasure of the Sierra Madre

    Remember that great movie Treasure of the Sierra Madre with Humphrey Bogart? Well, this post is not about that movie. This post is about yesterday as I was traveling through a part of the Sierra Madre in Guatemala. I didn’t see any of the gold Bogart searched for and found. What I saw was a [...]

  • Stupid Gringo Tattoo

    I walk into my local hole-in-the-wall also know as a Tienda. I’ve got the munchies and I’ve decided to have a little mid-afternoon snack. I know just what I want, walk straight over and pick up a small package of Cremax de Nieve sabor a chocolate – that is chocolate flavored creme wafer bars. I [...]

  • Old Music and Wandering Stars

    I got up early this morning – well early for me – and went down the street for a breakfast of toast, bacon, and orange juice. Notice – no coffee. This is my second day without coffee. Maybe a temporary thing, maybe not. Then I hiked up into the  village looking for a farmacia. I [...]

  • My Hotel Room in Guatemala

    Yesterday we followed The Drifters and went “Up On The Roof.” Today we are going to listen to The Beach Boys and go “In My Room.” (For those of you who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, I’m sorry you missed all the good music and are stuck with the crap they play [...]

  • Up On The Roof

    Time sure passes quickly when you’re having fun – or when you aren’t. Sometimes I don’t remember which is supposed to be what. What I do know is I haven’t made an entry on this blog this year so – here is the first one. I’m still in San Pedro, Guatemala. Still struggling to learn [...]

  • Crepes in Guatemala

    Out to breakfast this morning determined to have just a couple of pancakes. And that is what I ordered. Sometimes though, things get changed in the translation. Sometimes it is for the better. What you see above is crepes. What you don’t see is that the crepes are stuffed with chocolate and bananas. Must be [...]

  • Christmas Day in Guatemala

    On this beautiful Christmas Day here in Guatemala I am doing pretty much absolutely nothing. This morning I went out with a friend for a giant Latte and big bowl of fruit topped off with granola and yogurt – disgustingly healthy. For lunch I had roast chicken and french fries washed down with a coke [...]

  • Christmas Eve in Guatemala

    I’m used to spending holidays alone now. In fact, I’m used to being alone most of the time so this time is not any different from any other. Well, yes it is different in a few ways. For one thing, it was over 80 degrees today. Not bad for Christmas Eve weather. For another, I [...]

  • Thanks Guatemala for the Free Healthcare

    Wrote this several days ago. I’m much better now but the info is still interesting. For the last few days I have been pretty sick with the tourist’s disease which has lots of different names in different places but the worst diarrhea you can imagine by whatever you want to call it is still horrible [...]

  • Mi Casa

    This is the inside of my little house where I am staying in San Marcos. It is the guest house of Casa de Diane. Diane and her two incredible daughters, Sage and Spirit, live here in San Marcos. Diane is an artist. She teaches therapeutic art. Sage and Spirit are sprites who live in a [...]