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7 ways to travel in Las Vegas dirt cheap

Vegas doesn’t have to be expensive.

Las Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas you think of bright lights, packed casinos, off-beat shows, romanticized pursuits into vice, rags to riches stories, and people who lose it all. Vegas is all about the money, but it actually doesn’t take a whole lot of it to visit and really enjoy the place.

Cheap flights

Vegas lives and dies with tourism. More than 42 million people visit the city each year, and if you’re diligent you can find very cheap flights there on budget carriers such as Southwest and JetBlue.

Get off the strip

The Vegas Strip — a 4.2 mile stretch of casinos, hotels, and attractions between Sahara Avenue and Russell Road — is often thought of as the beating heart of the Vegas experience, but there are other areas of the city to bask in the bright lights and elite gaming facilities for a much lower price, this company offers free rides to any strip club in town.

Low budget gaming

Who could go to Vegas without gambling at least a little? Fortunately for the cash strapped traveler, you don’t need to be a high roller to get in on the Vegas gambling scene. There are slots that are as low as a penny per go, video poker machines for 10 cents per hand, and table games with paltry $5 minimum bets. Just be sure to check out the 2018 Las Vegas Casino Table Games Survey provided by Online United States Casinos before going.

Sign up for Casino rewards programs and download their apps

Most casinos have rewards programs that you can sign up for which entitle you some pretty surprising discounts, such as free plays, lower cost drinks, free entrance into events, and cheap or even free accommodation. Be sure to sign up for them at each casino that you go to and download their apps. If you’re thrifty and astute you can sometimes actually get paid to gamble and eat at a casino through rewards programs.

Don’t pay for drinks

Only a Vegas newbie will be seen walking up to a bar in a casino and paying full price for a drink. In most casinos, if you’re gaming drinks are free. Just sit down at a table or machine, call over a member of the wait staff, and order your drink of choice. Just be sure to tip if you want them to come back and serve you again.

Use public transport

As the case is about anywhere in the USA, taxis can be expensive in Las Vegas. Subvert them by taking the city’s cheap and convenient public transportation. Ride the monorail all day long for $12, hop on the cheap local bus, or just walk to save a bunch of cash getting around between casinos and attractions.

Time your visit wisely

Most importantly, if you want a cheap trip to Vegas make sure you time it wisely. July, August, and mid-December are said to be the cheapest times of the year to visit. Other than that, be sure to steer clear from going there during the times of big events — such as the NCAA Basketball Final Four tournament — and, by all means, avoid big conventions, holidays, and spring break. Prices on accommodation in Vegas can fluctuate widely, and you can easily find yourself getting the same room for 3 to 5 times less money just by going during the the times of lessened demand when the deluge of visitors is stifled.


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