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5 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers

How students can cheaply travel the world.

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As a college student who loves to see the world, it is prudent that you find affordable ways to do so. Budget travel allows you to see the world without breaking the bank. Ensure you have your finances in order before you embark on a trip. Imagine being stranded in a foreign land because you did not think to budget for your trip.

Spontaneous travel is fun, but you have to find out how much you have in your account before jumping on the next bus to nowhere. If you know yourself to be an impromptu traveler, you should consider having a separate traveling account. This way, you won’t have to pass up travelling opportunities because of insufficient funds.

So how do you budget for affordable travel? Well, you have to make sure you’re always paying a fraction of the normal price for any package you sign up for. Since you’re a student, your life cannot revolve around seeing the world alone. You also have to cater for your school supplies.

How else will you pay for your master thesis writing services if you blow all the money you have on travel? As a student, you should prioritize your academics because that is why you’re in school after all.

Here are tips that’ll help you keep your travel costs down.

Take Advantage of your Student ID

Did you know that there are so many discounts that students get as long as they can show their student ID? Each time you’re travelling, don’t leave your student ID behind. Such discounts help you keep your costs down so that you can enjoy more activities during your budget travels.

Each time you’re booking a traveling package, ensure you find out if the service providers offer a students’ discount.

Work with a Budget

It is quite easy to get carried away by fun activities and forget that you don’t have much to spend. Before you hop on a bus or a plane, make sure you write down a budget. When you know how much you can comfortably spend, you won’t overextend yourself during the trip and risk getting stranded.

Prioritize the most important activities so that you don’t go around spending money on everything. For instance, if it’s an educative trip, make sure that educative activities are at the top of your list.

Save Up for Your Adventures

Since most students don’t have a steady source of income, the only way to enjoy travel is by saving. Create a separate traveling account and save so that you have money to spend during your trips. When you’re financially independent, you have a fun time seeking adventure through travel.

Travel as a Group

This is the best way to cut down costs when traveling in college. Find a group of friends who love traveling just like you do and make early plans. Ensure you choose responsible and accountable friends who are not out to free ride.

Choose to Travel during Off-Peak Seasons

When you travel during off-peak seasons, you’re bound to spend much less than when you travel when everyone else is going on holiday.


These tips keep your financial status stable as you see the world.

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