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Free Things to do in Houston

What to do in Houston when you don’t want to spend any money.


If you are going to be spending some time in Houston, you no doubt want to enjoy yourself. However, getting out and about can be quite expensive. The good news is there is a multitude of things to do when you’re in Houston and some of them, you might be interested to know are completely free.

Let’s take a look at some of the free things you can do when you’re in Houston:

See The Menil Collection

Houston is a city that is well-known for its art scene and you have the chance to enjoy that scene for free. The Menil Collection is located at 1533 Sul Ross St, and is home to approximately 17,000 drawings, sculptures, paintings, rare books, and prints.

The Museum is home to exhibits and a permanent collection and is a must-visit destination. You do not have to be the most eager art fan in the world to enjoy your time here. The Menil Collection displays art that John and Dominique de Menil collected for more than 50 years. Some of the art is nothing short of exquisite and other pieces will take your breath away or make you think.

Admission is completely free and the gallery is open from 11 am to 7 pm Wednesday to Sunday.

Stroll Around Memorial Park

Memorial Park is the ideal place to stretch your legs a little. Thought to be the largest urban park in the state, you could make your way around the 3 mile urban trail that many joggers frequent.

One of the best times to visit the Park is in the early hours of the morning. If you plan to stay in a hotel in Houston, please note that some hotels lock their doors until it’s completely light outside. However, the OYOrooms USA is one of the hotels in Houston that do not. Therefore, you can make your way to the Park whenever you wish, perhaps just as the sun is coming up and enjoy watching the sun rise as you stroll around.

Why not enjoy a stroll every day and get a feel for what life is like in this part of the world?

Go Bat-Watching at Waugh Drive Bridge

If you are a fan of bats, you’re going to love spending time at Waugh Drive Bridge. Here you will find that up to 25,000 bats emerge from the bridge at dusk. This is quite a sight to behold so you might want to make sure your camera is at the ready.

You are unlikely to be the only visitor to the Bridge but if you’re there in the slightly cooler months there will be less of a crowd.

There is a lot you can do for free or for very little money in Houston. You can take in a bit of art and culture at The Menil Collection. You can go for a stroll around Memorial Park, and you can even enjoy a spot of bat-watching. Spending less when you’re in Houston is very easy, you just have to know how.

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