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Travel Gear Resupplied by Christmas

I needed a Christmas at home. My travel gear was in shambles. This year, more than most others, I needed some gifts. I got some.

My Sanyo Xacti weatherproof digital movie camera was strained to the point of being shot. It's LCD screen showed only flashing, blurry lines of lights and I could no longer see what I was trying to take a photo of. So taking a picture of something became a real hit and miss challenge. Though even when I did somehow manage to center the camera on a subject the photos often times came out garfunkeled anyway. This camera that I picked up in Shanghai in the summer of 2007 was shot by the autumn of 2008. Perhaps cameras are only meant to take the rigors of travel for a single year.
Wade from Vagabond
in Albion, New York State, USA- December 29, 2008
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I have also lost or broke other elements of my travel equipment over the past couple of years. My digital voice recorder that I use to record interviews met a watery death as I forded the James River in Virginia a couple of months ago. I have also lost a stainless steel thermos somewhere and my traveling hat met its demise in a washing machine. The fabric of the two Indian flannel shirts that I have been alternating daily since 2006 was also shot: there comes a point in every garment's life where mending becomes futile the holes eventually occur with a higher frequency of my ability to patch them. In point, it was time for me to resupply my travel gear. It only worked out perfectly that I happened to be in the USA for Christmas.

Travelers giving gifts at Christmas and restocking their supplies.

I can remember from my childhood that purchasing items for oneself was almost taboo: my family members would receive what they needed and wanted only on Christmas and birthdays. It was also better in my household to have something given to you as a gift than buying it for yourself. Gift lists were always compiled throughout the year.

So I returned to the USA to finish up my university degree and just happened to be home for Christmas. My travel gear has been restocked. I received an Olympus waterproof, shockproof, dust proof digital camera from my parents as well as a new traveling shirt and hat. Chaya got me a new digital voice recorder. My sister gifted me a small and light water clock. My aunt gave me a stainless steel bottle. I was also given a new headlamp and a thermal undershirt. All of these items will be packed out on the Open Road in the next year.

Christmas restocked my travel gear.

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Sanyo Xacti Weatherproof digital video camera was my main photo taking device for the past year of travel.

The Olympus Stylus 850 SW is my new camera. It seems to be virtually destruction proof.

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Travel Gear Resupplied by Christmas

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Travel Gear Resupplied by Christmas
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