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6 Impressions of America as Seen by a Traveler

Lawrence Hamilton

Lawrence Hamilton returns to the USA, this is what he found.

I Return to the USA After 2.5 Years Away and I’m Surprised by These 9 Things

Wade Shepard

Returning to the USA for a visit I realize that the country is different than how I remember it.

The Story of Ordos Kangbashi, China’s Most Famous Ghost City

Wade Shepard

They came from just about every other corner of China to start new lives in a remote outpost in Inner Mongolia. Ordos Kangbashi was meant to be one of China’s new urban utopias though it hasn’t yet worked out that way.

8 Simple Things You Need to Know Before you Teach English Abroad

Lawrence Hamilton

Want to teach English in a foreign country? This is what you need to know.

Top Ten Things That You Will Really Do in Thailand

Arthur Fern

Screw the tourist brochures telling you what to do in Thailand, this is the stuff you’re really going experience.

The Sobering Experience of Partying With China’s Rich

Mitch Blatt

Take a look at what the nightlife of China’s 1% is really like.

China’s Disposable Cities

Wade Shepard

China’s cities are being built to be demolished to be built again. They are virtually disposable. Here’s why.
Ghost Cities of China Book Cover

My first book, Ghost Cities of China, is set to come out in April of 2015. It's being published in Zed Books' Asian Arguments series.

Perhaps you should consult your bank for a loan before applying for an Uzbek visa

The countries that want Americans, and those that don't.

High on Grog in Fiji: The Kava Experience

Kava before it is 'pounded.' Commonly referred to as grog, this plant is central to many social occasions around Fiji.

Lawrence Hamilton tries Kava in Fiji.


Cross-Straits relations continue improving between the PRC and the ROC as the "One Country, Two Governments" policy is becoming a reality. There is only one major reminder of the days when these two political entities were arch-enemies: the giant signs on Xiamen and Kinmen's Dadan Island.

Is Fiji Expensive?

Will you blow your budget on these snacks?

Can a cheap ass budget traveler really afford to travel to Fiji?

A Traditional Funeral in Fiji

The body leaves the church and is carried to the cemetery on the other side of the village

Lawrence Hamilton transitions from a flight across the world to a traditional funeral in Fiji.

6 Impressions of America as Seen by a Traveler

American Flag_DCE

Lawrence Hamilton returns to the USA, this is what he found.

Chinese girl scotch

This is the easiest way I've found to meet people when traveling.

Why I Go to Trade Fairs

travel blog business card

Trade shows can provide travelers with a goldmine of information about the country they're in and the road ahead.

cifit fair (2)

What China is becoming was showcased in a row of exhibits. Why was I the only one looking at them?

clam fishing in china (3)

At low tide in Xiamen thousands go into the surf to collect free food from the sea.

The Road Ahead: Wade to Walk Kinmen Island

My proposed route of travel around Kinmen

I am going to walk around Taiwan's Kinmen island.

Xiamen fisherman on foam raft

How the fishermen of Xiamen get back and forth from their boats.

In Focus: Taiwan’s Kinmen Island

Shrine in Jincheng.

Find out what makes Taiwan's Kinmen Island so interesting.

A Night with Shanghai Businessmen thumbnail

A Night with Shanghai Businessmen

What is gained and what is lost from walking a wayward path.

goat milk Xiamen

China's cities are full of stark contrasts and contradictions, and that's what makes them so fascinating.

How New Zealanders Are Trying to Legalize Marijuana

Otago NORML relaxes in beautiful New Zealand countryside
photo credit-Julian Crawford

While wandering in the green hills of New Zealand Lawrence Hamilton meets NORML.

mooncakes (4)

There is much more to mooncakes than calories.

mid-autumn full moon

During China's Mid-Autumn Festival people pour out of their houses to admire the moon.

The Fast Chinese Goodbye

Xiamen beach

It is a sometimes startling social protocol in China for goodbyes to be so short as to nearly be nonexistent.

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