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Vagabond Journey Travel Stories and World Culture

Jeepneys in the Philippines

Wade Shepard

If you had to choose one thing to represent the Philippines there is a good chance it would be the jeepney. I set out to learn more about the tradition and history of this iconic vehicle, and this is what I found.

Batam: Portrait of a Free Trade Zone

Wade Shepard

Fifteen years ago the island of Batam was nothing but forests in an obscure part of Indonesia. Now it is a vibrant boomtown with over a million people looking for something better.

Strange Days in Pakistan

Lawrence Hamilton

Lawrence Hamilton recounts his first look at Pakistan in 2005.

The Other Side of Singapore

Wade Shepard

I’m told about the ways of Singapore’s nightlife.

The Reality of Fines and “Strange Laws” in Singapore

Wade Shepard

It seems as if you can be fined for almost anything in Singapore, but is this really how things are there?

Nightmare Travel in China

Lawrence Hamilton

Lawrence Hamilton pushes himself beyond the brink to find the meaning of travel in a misadventure that spans across central China.

In Focus: Pulau Ubin, Traveling to Singapore’s Final Frontier

Wade Shepard

I journeyed to Singapore’s final frontier: a completely undeveloped island of forests and small villages just a ten minute boat ride from the raging city.


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Where am I?

About Vagabond Journey

“Were I permitted an avocation it would be the study of social conditions; what surer way of gaining vital knowledge of modern society than to live and work among the world’s workmen in every clime?”- Harry Franck, A Vagabond Journey Around the World, 1910

We travel the world directly investigating the local effects of world events, shifts in culture, disappearing traditions, social upheavals big and small, odd intrigues, as well as the more mundane intricacies that hold it all together. We travel as vagabonds, working as we go, ever trying to engage people and places a little closer to discover a little more about the world we live in.

Vagabond Journey was founded in 2005 by Wade Shepard, a traveler who’s been knocking about the world since 1999. There are now 3472 articles on this site, so please take your time and feel free to dig into the complete archives.

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