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Vagabond Journey Travel Stories and World Culture

The Next Big Project: The New Silk Road

New Silk Road

The New Eurasian Land Bridge, or the New Silk Road, will be one of the big global stories of this era -- and my new project.


These are some Ghost Cities of China book launch events scheduled for this month in London.

The Port of Singapore

Port of Singapore

The Port of Singapore is still the cross-roads of the world.

Yangshan Deep Water Port

Yangshan Deep Water Port 6

I visit Yangshan Deep Water Port and realign my concept of what humans are capable of.

Mystery Chinese character_DCE

Not every Chinese character is accounted for, not every name can be typed.

Wade at RAS_DCE

I just finished up my first book tour and my first book, Ghost Cities of China, was officially released.

Lost in Translation: Mixed Jew’s Ears


Lawrence gets lost in translation in China.

Music and Place: The Spread of Global Psychedelic


A unique theory on combating the blandness of globalization: psychedelic music. With an added playlist for your listening pleasure.

shanghai airlines employee

Extensively cancelled and delayed flights gave rise to angry mobs in Pudong.

Screenshot 2015-03-19 11.45.29

It appears as if I may have been the recipient of a joke on behalf of China's internet censors.

Ghost Cities Speaking Events for March

Bookworm lit fest

I will be doing a series of events about China's ghost cities this month. Here's where I will be speaking and when.

How Do Urbanized Kids Draw Home?

My daughter was given a school assignment to draw a picture of her home. How would she do this?

A Parisian’s Experience at the French Unity Rally

An interview with a protester at the #ParisMarch that was recently held in response to the Charlie Hebdo attack in France.

rubber stamp shop inverted sign Kuala Lumpur

Why would this shop intentionally invert their sign? Was it lost in translation or was there a clever reason?

The Road Ahead: Wade to Indonesia

Travel plan for Indonesia, January 2015

Wade makes his way from Hong Kong to Indonesia and muses over the emotions that come with travel.


It is the differences in culture and perception that makes traveling so fascinating.

Ghost Cities of China Book Cover

Ghost Cities of China is can now be pre-ordered through Amazon. This is what I've been working on for the past two years.

The Joy of Inefficiency: Ticket Stubs in China


While a trip to a major tourist attraction is a costly splurge for many tourists sites around the globe, at least in China a tourist is still given a proper ticket.


How a flashlight imprisoned and then aided two carefree adventurer's escape from Sucre's Sietes Cascadas.

China is Never Boring


Lawrence Hamilton touches on the aspect of China that seems to keep so many travelers netted for so long. For all the things that China is, one thing that it surely isn't is boring.