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Immigration to Malta: A Pathway to Residency or Citizenship

Wish to become a citizen of Malta and enjoy living and working in the EU? Discover more about the available programs for investors, their basic terms and conditions, and eligibility criteria.

If you are looking for a thriving place in Europe to live, expand your business, and enjoy every day, Malta is a good choice. The benefits of this island include the strong economy, growing industries, and affordable living, as well as the prevalence of sunny days, stunning beaches, and a friendly culture. In addition, the country offers several pathways for immigration that differ in rules and timeframes. These are a few of the available options:

Malta Residency by Investment Program

Residency by investment in Malta is possible in three different ways that differ in the amount of funding and the obtained result:

  • Maltese second citizenship is accessible through direct funding and naturalization for exceptional services program. This is the quickest way;
  • Permanent residency is another program, which has fewer requirements;
  • Permit for residency is the easiest way toward a local passport in the future.
    If you wish to explore the EU region and the basic advantages associated with Malta, start with the Global Residence Program. Its rules for an investor are as follows:
  • Buy a property worth 220,000 euro or to rent the one for 8,750 per year for at least 5 years.
  • Be ready to pay 15% of income tax with the first payment during the procession stage.
  • Pay a one-time fee of 6,000 euros.
  • Stay the majority of the time on an island but not exceeding the 183 days per year maximum.

After the successful application, you can receive the majority of rights of EU citizens, such as traveling and working without a visa through the whole region and the availability of healthcare and educational institutions, etc.

Those who wish to become permanent residents at once may consider the following requirements:

  • Buy a property for at least 350,000 euros or to rent the one for 12,000 euros per year.
  • Donate 28,000 euros for those who purchased property or 58,000 euros for who rent.
  • Donate 2,000 euros to the chosen NGO on the island. This type of Golden Visa can be implemented in just 12 weeks. There are no rules for how long you need to stay on the island during this period or afterward.

The participants of this program may apply for a passport after 5 years.

Eligibility Criteria for the Malta Residency Program

To obtain a Malta residence permit the applicant should meet the set of criteria, specifies Albert Loffe, an expert of Imin Malta. They include:

  • Age is over 18 years old.
  • Nationality other than EEA and EU.
  • Availability of funds needed to apply.
  • Valid health insurance.
  • Clear criminal record.

Family members, such as a spouse and children under 25 years, automatically become part of the program. Therefore, one can move the whole family to a new place without any problems.

Application Process for Residency in Malta

The Identity Agency is responsible for all inquiries and applications of this kind. Here, you can get a consultation as well as apply.

In order to take part in the programs listed in this article, you should:

  • Select one program and carefully study its details.
  • Check whether you comply with the current list of requirements.
  • Gather the basic documents that prove the identity, financial validity, health, etc.
  • Make a request to the Identity Agency and specify the program you are interested in.
  • Fill in the application and wait for the official answer.

Applications are considered relatively quickly. Once it is approved the investor has to make the specified payments. Therefore, it is important to get ready beforehand and have allocated funds for this. It is also advisable to work with a competent agent in this area to make sure everything happens on time and so you don’t miss any crucial details.

Malta Citizenship by Naturalization for Exceptional Services

This Malta citizenship program is based on direct funding of the country’s economy and has the following set of rules:

  • Direct funding of 600,000 euros or 750,000 euros depending on the residency period (one or three years).
  • Property purchase for at least 700,000 euros or rent for 16,000 euros per year for 5 years.
  • Donation of 10,000 euros to a local NGO.

Given the fact that investments in real estate can be profitable, this program has also gained popularity. This is the most direct way toward a local passport compared with all the other opportunities.


To conclude, it may be a challenging task to select a Malta immigration pathway given their variety and numerous options and requirements.

Malta is not only a beautiful destination but also has a growing economy. That is why investors profit from residency and citizenship their and obtain opportunities to expand their business and live a full life on a cozy island.


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