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10 Tips to Save Your Money While on Vacation

How to travel for less money.

People spend a lot of money during holidays and vacations, and it is generally allowed. Although it is a time to spend large, it does not mean that you throw away your financial discipline.

You have probably saved the money for the better part of the year or even took a loan. Of course if it’s a loan, it comes with an interest. It is therefore important to ensure that every service or product you pay for is worth the amount you pay for it. Here are a few ideas you can implement in your next vacation.

Purchase air tickets early

Due to the high demand, air tickets cost a bit more during holiday seasons. Avoid the extra charge by purchasing your tickets way before peak season. You will see the significant difference especially if you are travelling with kids or other family members.
Buying your tickets in advance also gives you ample time to shop around for better deals from airlines. You might, for instance, learn of promotional deals for groups of people. If you get to know this early enough, you will have enough time to plan with relatives or friends going to the same destination and enjoy the offer.

For a small fee, some agencies may combine deals from different airlines to give you a much cheaper deal.

Travel light

Airlines will transport your luggage free up to a certain limit only. For most of airlines, the limit is two bags and beyond that you will be charged per weight. You can avoid this by carrying only the items you need.

Leave things like toiletries that you can either purchase at your destination or are given in hotels. Consider carrying one or two units of items that can be shared rather than one for everyone. If you are going with kids, you can pack some of their belongings together.

Choose where you will eat in advance

Just like with airlines, some restaurants are exploitive during the holiday season. Also bear in mind that many of the popular and expensive restaurants are only popular because they have focused a lot of their resources on advertisements. Others are popular because of their locations without any extra value.

Research on places that you can have quality meals at an affordable price, even if it’s not very popular. If you research adequately, you may find some promotional deals around you that you may not find in some popular restaurants. However, it is important to note that there is no harm in eating out at a nice, expensive restaurant. Just make sure you are getting value for your money.

Consider public transportation

While on vacation, the general assumption is that taxis and rental cars are the better option. However, some countries have very efficient and convenient public transport systems. Such transport systems may be buses or even trains that will take you close enough to where you are going.

Compared to taxi and rental cars, they are very cheap and are often comfortable enough for you to travel with kids. There is also adequate space for your luggage. If you use such public transport you will realize you have cut down the cost significantly without sacrificing comfort.

Research your vacation destination

It is good to research about your destination so that you can get a clue of what to expect and the fun activities available. But knowing your destination beforehand is equally good for your wallet. Research about the tourist sites and how their charges are structured.
Note, for instance, if there are days that the charges are lower or if there are different packages for tourists. Also, for everything attractive you find about the place research if there is an alternative and research on it as well. Once you have the information you can plan your visits and activities accordingly.

Currency exchange rates

Most countries have easy-to-access private currency exchangers in the major towns. Although they offer convenience, they understand the desperation of tourists and exploit it to exchange the currency at very bad rates. Do not allow yourself to get to the point of desperation.

Prepare yourself beforehand and research on establishments that offer better rates. Usually, banks and other currency exchangers around the airport have the best rates. They are also quite secure compared to the ones on the street.

Borrow from Family and Friends

Borrowing from a bad credit online lender can be harmful to your credit score even further. Vacation is getting expensive and you are feeling short of cash, even after cutting all costs and don’t want to ruin the vacation planning. An urgent cash lender for any reason comes with high-interest rates which will cost more. Sometimes asking help from relatives or friends can be helpful and save of handsome amount of money which you suppose to pay as an interest amount. If it comes down to it though, there are options out there to help you secure a loan even with bad credit.

Rent a house

Staying in a hotel is fine if you are touring alone. However, if you are travelling with your family or as a group, it is much cheaper and more comfortable to rent a house. Holiday rental houses are also great because, unlike in the hotel, you can prepare your own meal or bring in food from outside sources.

Some holiday rental houses are quite large and a single family can barely utilize it fully. If you get such a house and at favorable prices, consider going with friends or relatives then split the cost, making it even cheaper.

Local tourism

Vacation doesn’t always have to be outside the country. Research on fun places you and your family can visit within your country. Ask for your family’s contribution and you may be surprised there are amazing local places they have been wishing to visit.
In most tourist sites, domestic tourists are charged significantly lower that their foreign counterparts. As such, having a vacation within your country will save you a good amount of money and you will still have fun.

Make the most of student and military IDs

Many establishments offer discounts for students and people that have served or are serving in the military. Therefore, if you or a member of your family has either of the IDs, carry them with you to enjoy the discounts.

Final thoughts

Being financially disciplined during vacation is by no means an act of stinginess. You deserve to get value for your hard-earned money. Early planning is one of the easiest way to ensure you do not act desperate last minute and end up paying more than you should. Equally important is the need to know what alternatives are available for every service or facility you will need. That way you will be able to cut off on unnecessary expenses without compromising on quality of your vacation.

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