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Minimum Passenger Age for Motor Scooter Laws

Question: What is the minimum age for a passenger on a motor scooter?


I know nothing about motor scooter laws, not even in my own state. I did a search, as I am sure Craig did, but could not find anything. Here are a few links that might help, but I could not find anything.


Maybe the best he could do would be to call one of the local dealers or a training program and see what they say.

One thing about laws, whatever they may be, is that some places they are enforced, some not, and often it depends on who is the cop.

Good luck.

Bob L.

Motorcycle taxi Dominican Republic

Original question about the minimum age for riding on a motor scooter

Wade, can you pass this question off to Motorcycle Bob?

I’m wondering about the legality of riding a scooter (<= 50cc) in Florida with Aidric & Tatiana as a passenger for quick trips to the store or beach. Specifically, Asia-style where he’s sandwiched between us.

I can’t find any law on minimum passenger age for FL, but do find info about motorcycles and footpeg/footrests for passengers.
Motorcycle law details:

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