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Motorcycle Travel

  • A Brief Ode To The Moped

    I learn to love the moped.

  • Buying a Motorcycle Abroad and Crossing Borders Tips

    The following question is for VJT’s motorcycle travel correspondent, Bob L, and comes from a couple of readers who are planning a motorcycle trip in South America. Bob, My friend and I just graduated college and are planning a 4 month motorcycle trip to South America.  We have some limited experience on motorcycles and have [...]

  • These Are The Days That Must Happen To You

    These are the days that must happen to you (also sold as Endless Horizons) by Dan Walsh Review by Rich Poulter Before I start this review I should fill you in on a little history which may explain my passion for this book. My dad is motorbike mad and when I was a kid he used [...]

  • Safety and Security Tips for Traveling by Motorcycle

    What safety and security tips would you recommend for long distance motorcycle travel?

  • How to Cross Borders with a Motorcycle

    The following piece is by Vagabond Journey’s motorcycle travel correspondent, Bob L — or Motorcycle Bob as he has come to be known. In this entry, Bob answers the question, “What has been your experiences of taking a motorcycle across borders?” My personal experiences with crossing borders are limited, compared to those on an around [...]

  • How to Rent Motorcycles Abroad

    This is an entry by Vagabond Journey’s motorcycle travel correspondent, Bob L, about how to rent a motorcycle when traveling abroad. To ask Bob a motorcycle travel question, fill out the contact form on ASK Travel Questions. How to rent a motorcycle abroad The typical world traveler, who plans on seeing the world by motorcycle, [...]

  • Minimum Passenger Age for Motor Scooter Laws

    Question: What is the minimum age for a passenger on a motor scooter? Answer: I know nothing about motor scooter laws, not even in my own state. I did a search, as I am sure Craig did, but could not find anything. Here are a few links that might help, but I could not find [...]

  • Motorcycle Travel on Vagabond Journey

    Motorcycle travel help on Vagabond Journey One of the most helpful and informative parts of Vagabondjourney.com, in my opinion,  is the Travel Correspondents section. Here, inquiring travelers can ask specific travel questions of a team of correspondents who possess a wealth of information and experience in their field. One of these fields focuses on motorcycle [...]

  • Long Distance Motorcycle Travel – How to Prevent Fatigue

    Question: When on a long distance, cross country ride, what are your strategy for sitting in the saddle for so long? How do you try to keep your butt and legs from getting too sore? Answer: When I am talking long distances, I am talking 600 or more miles a day. Often over 1,000 miles, [...]

  • How to Pack for Motorcycle Travel

    Question: It seems that you are a master of packing a lot into little places on a motorcycle for a long distance ride, what is your strategy for carrying gear? Bob’s Answer: I am glad you did not say I am the master of packing light, for packing light is not something I am good [...]