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Motorcycle Travel

  • Suzuki V-Storm 650 or Kawasaki KLR 650 Good Motorcycles for Travel

    Question: If you were all of a sudden without a motorcycle and were going to go on a long trip through many different countries, what type of bike would you get? Bob’s Answer: If I was suddenly without a bike and I was going to go on a long trip (many months, to many years) [...]

  • What is a Good Size Motorcycle for Travel

    Question: What kind and size of motorcycle do you recommend for a long distance ride through a diversity of terrains and various riding conditions? Is there a certain type of bike that is renown for long distance travel? Bob’s Answer: As to the question of “What kind and size of motorcycle do you recommend for [...]

  • How to Prepare for Motorcycle Travel

    “How should someone go about preparing for a long distance motorcycle journey?” This is a very difficult question to answer, short of writing a book. In fact, a number of books have been written about this. It is similar to asking the question “How do I go about preparing for a long distance journey?”. Since [...]

  • Motorcycle Bob Introduction

    Is there any way that you could give me a quick run down of your motorcycle travel history, or a brief description of you and motorcycles — when did you start riding, what was the draw that attracted you to the motorcycle? How did you come into traveling long distances by mototcycle? What is it [...]

  • Motorcycle Bob on the Iron Butt Rally

    Motorcycle Bob finishes the IBR his own way — Long distance motorcycle traveler and long term Vagabond Journey reader and friend, Motorcycle Bob, finished in second place in the 2009 Iron Butt Rally. Well, he finished second place out of the riders who did not finish. Though he went out of the ralley in style: [...]

  • Trusted Motorcycle Travel Books

    Motorcycle Travel Books In collaboration with Motorcycle Bob, a long distance motorcycle traveler, here are some of the best motorcycle travel books in print. They cover the how to’s, stories, and philosophy behind long distance motorcycle travel. Other Vagabond Journey travel stores: Trusted Travel Gear | Baby Travel Supply Store| Electronic Travel Gear | How [...]

  • Letters to the Editor – Dirty Pierre on a Motorcycle

    Letter to the Editor from Dirty Pierre: I love your posts. I am also travelling solo and today I rode of into the Vietnamese country side on my motorbike. To cut a long story short I got shaken down by some shysters at a remote cafe but on my way back home some school children [...]

  • One Motorcycle, One Man, One Long Journey

    ISTANBUL, Turkey-Provisioned with a motorcycle, a camcorder, and a keen lust for discovery, Turkish adventurer, Cihan Karadag, plans to circumnavigate the entire Middle Eastern region by motorcycle, alone. He will depart from Istanbul in early June and projects that this 10,000+ kilometer journey will take more than three months to complete. Photo from Cihan Karadag [...]

  • Worlds Most Traveled Motorcycle

    World’s Most Traveled Motorcycle I followed a link from Andy the Hobotraveler’s blog entitled World’s Most Extreme Travelers and was so impressed by what I found that I felt the need to also write about it. Peter and Kay Forwood are close to finishing a 12 year complete journey around the world on the back [...]