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Abraham Ibrahim Cave of Birth

Abraham or Ibrahim’s Cave of Birth


This is the place where it all began. All three major monotheistic faiths trace their roots to the very same place: the cave where Abraham was born and the nearby pools where he began smashing idols. Urfa is the fourth most sacred city in the world to Muslims, after Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem, and it is here that Judaism was born.

I visited the cave where Abraham, or Ibrahim, was born and lived until the age of seven. The area was packed with Iranian pilgrims with camcorders and other pious Muslims from around the world.
Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Sanliurfa, Turkey- March 28, 2009
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In my turn I began walking towards the entrance of the mosque that lead to Abraham’s subterranean home. The presence of little arms with outstretched palms being pointed in my proximity indicated that I was coming near to a holy site, and I walk through the gate of the Mevlid I Halil Mosque’s inner courtyard.

A crowd of bescarfed women pointed my way to the holy cave’s entrance. The cave and adjoined mosque had separate entrances for men and women. Typically, the women’s side was pack full of pushing women while the men’s side was spacious, calm, and relaxed.

Iranians with camcorders video taped everything, and I even saw one man doing his Salah ambulations without pausing his video: when he bowed his camera came down with him, when he rose his camera also followed. I think his footage would be enough to make even the toughest bellied sailor slightly seasick.

For myself, I washed my hands in holy water and peered through the window into the cave. I then left the little washing room and went to find the cave’s main entrance. It took me around five minutes of walking back and forth until I realized that the room with the window was the exhibit, that I could not venture further into the cave. I went into the prayer room and prayed and then returned to the window.

I looked into the place where Abraham was born, smiled softly, and then cycled through the small crowd to let the next Muslim pilgrim have his view.

Videos of Abraham or Ibrahim’s Cave

This is a video of the cave where Abraham was born and modern pilgrims.

Pilgrims praying at Ibrahim’s place of birth and the beginning of the three great monotheistic faiths. Urfa is the fourth most holy city in the world for Muslims.

Pilgrims washing and looking at the place where Ibrahim was born.

Prayers at Abraham’s birth place.

Entrance to Abraham’s cave.

Mevlid I Halil Mosque

Mevlid I Halil Mosque’s washing faucets in the courtyard.

Mevlid I Halil Mosque in Sanliurfa (Urfa), Turkey.

Abraham or Ibrahim’s Cave of Birth

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