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  • Escape To Mexico: The Final Frontier For Covid Travels?

    Fleeing Turkey’s Covid lockdowns and a hotel fire, Nomadic Backpacker is free again. But is he at the end of the road?

  • Next Month The World’s Oldest Place Will Be Destroyed Hasankeyf Turkey


  • On Being Dead In Ürgüp, or How I Survived Abroad Without Money

    What would you do if you were traveling in a foreign country and all of a sudden had all of your money taken from you?

  • Meerschaum Pipe Carving: Another Art Fading into History

    Cardboard box sat upon cardboard box in stacks that rose up from the floor to nearly the ceiling of a meerschaum pipe workshop in Eskisehir, Turkey. They had been sitting there for what may as well have been ages, the workshop was nearly devoid of artisans, and I was informed sadly that because of the [...]

  • Göbekli Tepe: the Rise of Agriculture, the Fall of the Nomad

    The largest shift in human cultural evolution, from nomadism to farming and agriculture, happened around a great temple called Göbekli Tepe in southeastern Turkey.

  • Turkey Travel Guide

    Turkey is a country that is uniquely located in both Europe and Asia. It is bordered by Greece and Bulgaria to the west, Georgia to the northeast, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran to the east and Iraq and Syria to the southeast. Turkey also has coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Aegean Sea.

  • Hasankeyf – Another Ancient City to be Destroyed

    12,000 years of history vs. 4,200 gigawatts of electricity.

  • Pre-natal Visit in Istanbul

    By the time we arrived in Istanbul I was 14 weeks pregnant and due for another routine pre-natal check up. Ashamed about how much money we had spent seeing a private doctor in Budapest, I was determined to find an alternative in Istanbul. I tried calling the German and English hospitals, but they charged at [...]

  • Finding a Job in Istanbul

    From Albania we took a minibus and train through Greece to Istanbul. Greece was the one place I had wanted to go when we found out we were pregnant, the adventures of the Balkans and Middle East seemed a little overwhelming. Being pregnant was enough of an adventure, I just wanted to relax. “Why don’t [...]

  • Kurdish Turkey Travel Photos

    The following photographs are from the Kurdish east of Turkey and were taken in the cities of Sanliurfa and Harran.SanliurfaGuns and Firearms in Turkey Kurdistan Jewish, Christian, Muslim History in Sanliurfa, TurkeySanliurfa Turkey Kurdistan Street Scenes Harran Turkish Tobacco Road to Harran Mesopotamia Travel to Harran TurkeyMore photos from Asian TurkeyMore Travel Photos Permission to [...]