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  • Meerschaum Pipe Photos from Eskisehir Turkey

    Meerschaum Pipe Photos from Eskisehir TurkeyThe following links are to pages of photographs of meerschaum pipes and their carvers in Eskisehir, Turkey.Photos of meerschaum pipesMeerschaum Smoking Pipes in Turkey Meerschaum Pipe Master Carvers of Eskisehir Meerschaum Pipe Journalism Project in Eskisehir, Turkey Meerschaum Pipes Eskisehir, TurkeyMore photos from Western TurkeyMeerschaum Pipe Photos from Eskisehir Turkey

  • Travel Photos from Istanbul, Bursa, Eskisehir, Turkey

    New Travel Photos from Istanbul, Bursa, Eskisehir, Turkey To view photographs from my travels in European Turkey, click on the below links.IstanbulGolden Horn, Istanbul, Tea Fish, Seafood, Istanbul, Bosphorous Ferry Bursa Bursa, Turkish Food Eskisehir Meerschaum Pipes in Eskisehir, Turkey Meerschaum Museum Pipes in Eskisehir TurkeyFor more photos of Western Turkey to go: European Turkey [...]

  • Ask Travel Questions – Get Answers

    New Travel Questions AnsweredA new round of travel questions have been answered on Vagabond Journey Travel Help. Follow the links below to read the discussion. If you have any travel questions that you would like answers to, go to Ask Travel Questions.Recent travel questions answered:How to find work in EuropeWhat is a good backpack for [...]

  • Vagabond Journey.com Online Daily Travel Magazine

    Vagabond Journey.com Online Daily Travel BazaarI have been looking at the rather stale and sterile Vagabond Journey.com homepage for the past couple of months just wondering what I can do with it. It does not seem to be doing too much, other than just sitting there on its computer screen stool looking back at me [...]

  • White Power in Turkey

    White Power Toothpaste from TurkeyI buy the cheapest toothpaste that I can possibly find as a rule. I cannot help but to think that is all the same stuff, regardless of how different the boxes may seem. The bottom shelf is where I find must of the items that I buy, and the cost range [...]

  • Sufis in Kisli Turkey

    Sufis and Money Exchange in Kisli Turkey Woke up in the Istanbul Hotel on the Syrian bordertown of Kisli and toggled off a list of what I needed to do before I would be ready to cross the border.1. Check couchsurfing to confirm my travel details with host in Aleppo.2. Get US Dollars3. Get Syrian [...]

  • Turkish Hotels Expensive

    Turkey Expensive Country for Travel It is a very lucky occurrence that the Couchsurfing is good in Turkey, for if it was not, the country would be too expensive to travel in. Food is cheap in Turkey, you can fill yourself up off of $1.50. Transport is moderately prices, $3 per seat hour on a [...]

  • Bus from Sanliurfa to Gaziantep to Kilis

    Bus from Sanliurfa to Gaziantep to Kilis “We should have stayed in Urfa for another day,” spoke sick Chaya as we nested into a room at the Otel Istanbul in Kilis, on the Syrian border. It sucks to travel sick. Traveling is the last thing that a sore throat, pukey, coughing person wants to do. [...]

  • Mobbed by a Gang of School Children

    Mobbed by a Gang of School Children – or Why I love Traveling The following sequence of photos and video shows precisely why I love traveling so much. I was walking through the streets of Sanliurfa just minding my own business, when I came upon a school yard full of playing school children. I thought [...]

  • Travel Sick in Turkey

    Travel Sick in Turkey We have barricaded ourselves into Sanliurfa in the southeast of Turkey, for Chaya has come down with some form of travel sickness. We went to a walk in clinic and the doctors told here that she was fine and healthy. She was not fine and healthy. Her throat was so swollen [...]