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Where to Begin Your Solo Adventure to Ireland

Where to go and what to do in Ireland.


Ireland is world-renowned for being friendly and laid-back, making it the perfect place for solo traveling. The people are welcoming and open-minded towards visitors. Whether exploring the coast, visiting old castles, or going on a pub crawl, you’re never truly alone. 

I landed in Cork looking to start one of the longest solo journeys of my life. I wrote this article to highlight where to start your adventure to Ireland. Read on as I show you how to plan the best experience in the Emerald Isles.

Choose Your Route


The best place to start any journey is behind the screen of your computer. Planning what you want to do on your adventure makes finding the route much simpler.

I had an idea in the back of my mind. I wanted to go on a long, scenic adventure and see as much of Ireland as possible. The best approach for this plan was the Wild Atlantic Way (WAW). The only question I had left was which way to go.

The WAW spans over 1,550 miles along the Irish coast. It runs from the Inishowen Peninsula through to Kinsale, West Cork.

Driving isn’t enough of a journey, so I started by looking at things to do in west Cork, Knock, and Belfast. These are where three of the five airports in Ireland are along the WAW route.

Knowing where to land opens up the next step in planning a solo trip: preparation.

Preparing for the Journey

Preparing for a long trip in a foreign land involves more than just packing your bags. You need to know where you’ll stay and how you’ll get around. A good starting point is looking at accommodation options.


Ireland is home to over 1,600 hotels and over 700 B&Bs. Take your time to sift through all the options that follow your route. I mixed things up and chose a variety of hotels and B&Bs along the WAW.


Transport is key, whether you’re darting across Ireland or following a specific route. I went on a massive road trip down the WAW and needed a car that could handle the drive. Renting is your best option in a situation like mine.

Public transport is a fantastic option if you stay within towns or travel between major counties. Certainly lighter on the wallet, too.


While Ireland’s crime rate has seen a decline, 33.87% from 2020 to 2021, it’s still best to be wary. In case of an emergency, ensure you remember 999 instead of 911. The last thing you want is to be injured and stranded without help.

Start Your Adventure

Ireland is perfect for solo adventures. I was welcomed whether I stayed in major cities or small towns along the WAW. I experienced a rich nightlife, exciting activities, and stunning sights throughout my journey.

Planning is everything if you want your trip to be a spectacular experience. Prepare as much as possible in advance to be in the moment on your journey.

Start your adventure at home, plan your journey, and find yourself along the way. Ireland will accept you and show you wonders.

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