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What Travelling Makes Us Realize About Our Own Home

Sometimes you need to go away to truly understand the place you left behind.

Travelling helps you explore the world to discover new and interesting things about the earth that you never knew about before. You’ll discover different cultures, meet new people, explore unique traditions and taste lots of exciting food.

However, one of the most underrated things about travelling is what it can make us realize about our own life. When you’re stuck in a single country or city for a long time it can give you a very small look at what life is. However, once you start travelling and meeting people, it opens up the entire world to your perspective.

A unique side effect of this experience is what it teaches us about our own home relative to homes in other countries and regions of the world.

You could live in a mansion in another country

Travel enough and you’ll come across some areas that are filled with huge mansions and luxury properties that you might think are incredibly expensive. In reality, you might be in one of the cheapest places to live and work which means property prices are much lower than you’d expect. In other words, you could be living in a mansion if you moved to other countries. Due to the cost of material, labour and land, homes in other countries might be drastically different from what you have back at home.

Or you could be living in a tiny run-down apartment

Alternatively, you could be in a country that’s far more expensive than in your home country. If you see what a $300,000 home looks like in China, it might surprise you that it’s rather run-down, ragged and not very appealing. In comparison, $300,000 could get you a rather spacious property in your home country. It might not be the most luxurious home, but you’ll at least get a better experience than some tiny run-down apartments that the money could get you in other parts of the world.

There are styles that you probably couldn’t hope to replicate elsewhere

You’ll also discover that there are many unique architectural styles that you won’t find anywhere but their home country. This is usually due to the materials available to each country, but it can also be due to the builders and architects that specialize in different kinds of housing styles. Travelling the world allows you to see all of these unique homes. It gives you inspiration and ideas to help you develop an incredibly personal and creative approach to your own home design.

Different cultures have different functions for their rooms and homes

Lastly, you’ll also discover that different cultures have different functions for their rooms and homes. For instance, some cultures love to have two kitchens–an indoor and outdoor one. The indoor one is for general cooking purposes, but the outdoor one is mainly for serving guests and parties. You’ll also find that some parts of the world prefer wetroom-style bathrooms whereas others like to put carpets in their bathroom. There are lots of small unique differences that can inspire you to make similar changes to your home as well.


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