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What Does Life Look Like After Lockdown

How the coronavirus pandemic will change how you live in the future.

There is no denying that this year has been one that nobody ever expected. Who would have thought that a virus that has caused so much havoc and suffering, creating a global pandemic that everybody is fighting. It has caused us to stay at home, work from home and avoid seeing friends, family and loved ones. But, as we start to get over the peak of the virus, it does mean that some normality can return. But what does life look like after lockdown? Here are some of the things to think about.

Travel will be on the cards again

One of the first things to think about would be travel plans. This year has seen many people have to cancel trips, rearrange holidays and just stay at home. For some people this will have been against their normal as they would have been so used to traveling. However, it might be that a sinfections rate decreases we are able to travel once more. Whether it means you need to book a private corona test so that you can get on board a plane, or whether you it means you get used to wearing face masks in public places, travel is likely to be on the cards again and it means that we can start living our lives once more, albeit as safely as we can.

Working from home could become your new normal

Many of us were encouraged to work from home if that was an option to do so, and because of this, it might have made your employer see that working from home or flexible working is a viable option. This could be great news. It might mean you have less of a commute to work, get to spend more time with the family and not miss important events in the future. It could help you mentally as well as many people can find the working environment gives them anxiety or even increases stress levels.

Being more aware of your own actions

Another thing that you may be more aware of now is your own actions. You may be more inclined to keep a distance when talking to friends or work colleagues. Perhaps you are choosing to wear a mask in public spaces rather than just where you are told to. Maybe you are making the decision to stay at home more often anyway so that you can do your part. You may also be keeping track of when you need to get a PCR Covid test in Baltimore, such as if you are feeling sick or know you’ve been exposed to someone who tested positive. Getting tested is essential to help protect those around you.We have all changed in our actions, and many of us can have a positive influence on how this pandemic turns out.

Taking better care of yourself

Finally, we might be more inclined to take better care of ourselves. There have been studies that have shown that if you are fit and healthy then you are less at risk of covid-19. If you don’t already, you may have decided to try a healthier lifestyle by eating better or taking more exercise regularly. The more you do, the better chance you have.

Let’s hope this has made you think of some of your actions after lockdown as we head into the future with this new normal.


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  • Trevor Warman December 7, 2020, 11:32 am

    Am always curious who is writing as OTHER VOICES are you always the same person?

    I am still travelling now and follow the procedures stipulated plus doing things i personally feel better in doing.

    And even if i am on permanent vacation travelling now is not a barrel of laughs. I could be here or in UK or wherever but for me its a tough life whatever ur location. I wish to God it was all over.

    Link Reply