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Wade On Farm Talk Radio Today – “On The Front Porch,” KFRM 550 In KS, OK, and NE

Talking New Silk Road on farmer radio.

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An interview that I did with Kyle Bauer should be airing on Monday (today) on the show “On the Front Porch,” a staple of KFRM 550 farm talk radio that airs across Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. The topic? The New Silk Road, the new China-Europe rail network, the increased international presence of China, China in general, and … me and what I do.

I believe it came out rather well. What was exceptional was that the host Kyle Bauer really seems to have done his homework.

I often go on television and radio programs and it is not uncommon for the host to believe they understand the subject matter without fully comprehending my position on the topic — which tends to be a little different than the status quo. This often leads to rather odd exchanges where the host makes a statement that they believe to be true but goes directly against my findings / perspective. While I know how to inconspicuously smooth this over and leave the both the host and myself with face intact, it often leaves me feeling that the host and his / her producers didn’t really do much background research … or they opted to try to get a more popular take on things.

I didn’t have this experience talking with Kyle, as it was clear that he really did his research into the topic and understood the broader implications of what we discussed.

My segment on the show should be airing twice on Monday October 22 at 2:30 and 7 PM central time. The station is KFRM 550. Listen online here.




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