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  • Volunteering in Kibera, Nairobi: Challenges and Questions

    A journey into a Nairobi slum on World Health Day which shows the challenges that volunteers must face when doing work abroad.

  • Volunteer in Bhutan

    Bhutan is a mountainous country located between India and China. It has controlled its tourism by requiring all international tourists to visit Bhutan through a local registered tourist agency, and charging a high fee. This is done to maximize the money gained from tourism while minimizing the cultural and environmental impact. Volunteers to Bhutan do [...]

  • Volunteer in Iceland

    Volunteering for room and board is a common arrangement in Iceland. Travelers all across the country are living free by working for a handful of hours per day on ranches, farms, and doing environmental conservation work.

  • Volunteer in Iceland, Travel for Free

    ELDBORG, Icleand- Do you want to travel in Iceland for three months in the summer, moving every couple of weeks to new locations all around the country, working on environmental conservation projects, accessing remote and amazing places completely for free? Who wouldn’t?[adsense] Iceland’s department of conservation sponsors groups of foreigners to travel around the country [...]

  • Volunteer in Australia

    Sometimes, finding volunteer opportunities or programs that you don’t have to pay for can be a bit difficult. Here are a few groups in Australia that you might volunteer with. If you have other groups to add to this list, please post below! Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) [...]

  • Visa to WWOOF in Europe

    Question: What visa does an Indian citizen need to WWOOF — volunteer on organic farms — in Europe? Answer: Technically, you need a work visa to even volunteer in many European countries, but the authorities will probably never grant a visa for such an endeavor. So the common move is to enter on a tourist visa and [...]

  • How to Volunteer in Latin America

    How can I stay and eat for free when traveling by volunteering?

    It seems to me as if your question is about how to extend your travels and limiting the costs of such by volunteering and that you are not looking for information on how to save the world. Good, I can help here.

    It has been my experience that work/ trade opportunities are virtually everywhere when traveling.

  • Drinking Water NGO Project Guatemala

    AK-TENAMIT, Guatemala- While walking through the NGO school of Ak-Tenamit, which sits around the confluence of the Rios Dulce and Tatin in the eastern jungles of Guatemala, I kept noticing these odd assemblages of two white five galleon buckets stacked on top of each other. Upon further inspection, it became obvious that they were for cleaning drinking water.

  • Travel and Work in USA

    How can I pick up work while traveling in the USA? Hello Patrick, Funding your travels across the USA by working en route is a very feasible strategy. Though I must say that it is a travel strategy that will require a decent amount of preparation. It is my suggestion that you may want to [...]

  • How to Find Grunt Work While Traveling the World

    How to find work abroad as a manual laborer? How to find a job when traveling? Hello Steele, There is probably one rule for finding work abroad: knock on doors and ask around. If you make it known that you will work for bottom of the barrel wages, you will find work — especially since [...]