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Traveler Culture

  • Last Call For Mercy: Life in the Vagabond Wastelands of Kuala Lumpur

    Boiling rats, guzzling urine, ladyboys, a broomstick to the head, and an old vagabond bastard finding the wisdom of the open road. In other words, another travel yarn spun by the inimitable Michael Britton. Compulsory reading.

  • Who Am I? What Becomes of Third Culture Kids

    Third Culture Kids and their search for identity.

  • The Free For All Of Big Hostel Culture

    I was awaken by a knock on the door of the room next to mine at the City Central Hostel in Shanghai. It was around midnight, and as the door creaked opened I heard a hostel employee tell a resident rather harshly that he had to get out. “I will pay you in the morning,” [...]

  • Birthdays Can be the Most Lonely Day of the Year for Travelers

    A person’s birthday is the day when their families, friends, and acquaintances make an effort to celebrate them, to show that they are happy that they were born, that they value their friendship. But what good is this day when you’re on the road, far from home, your family, and friends? A birthday can be [...]

  • New Age Traveller Film Discussion

    New age travelers — as the typically young, typically European communities of self-made nomads were initially called — began traveling through the UK in the late 1970s, and continue to survive as a sub-culture to this day. The idea was that individuals from mainstream English heritage (non-Gypsy, non-Irish Traveler/ Tinker) could drop out of the dominant [...]

  • Hippie Travelers in Colombia

    Colombia is full of hippies, or whatever you want to call the dreadlocked, often unwashed, more or less listless looking sect of traveler who seemingly come to the northern stretches of Latin America for the adventure, the cheap and readily accessible drugs, and the easy living. They are often from Argentina, traveling north, selling jewelry; but many [...]

  • Top Travel Songs

    Top Travel Songs by Wade Shepard, 2011 Songs have the power to deliver the underlaying essence of life within a tightly compressed package like no other form of human communication. The influence of a song can get you off your feet, into trouble, in bed, or on the road. Songs also teach many of the [...]

  • Meeting Travelers in Hotel Etiquette

    Hotel Etiquette for Meeting Travelers: Talk to everybody SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- I have rented out a good room in a good hotel in the south of Mexico. I have been here for a couple of months, further developing Vagabond Journey and chasing the goal of turning this project into a full time [...]

  • The Extermination of the Backpacker

    Documenting the Extermination of the Backpacker Series The art of long term budget travel — backpacking, whatever you want to call it — is becoming exterminated. Long term budget travelers are finding themselves moving through a world that is becoming more politically hostile, more expensive, and ever more in-conducive to their lifestyle. The perpetual traveler [...]

  • Travel Lifestyle Means Leaving People

    Travel means leaving people “Buenos noches, Gueid,” a four year old girl just said to me. That was the last time she could direct those wishes on to me, as the next day Chaya, Petra, and I took leave from the Finca Tatin — the hotel where we worked in the jungle of Guatemala for [...]