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Travel Tips for Newark Airport Travelers

How to navigate one of the USA’s busiest airports.

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Just like the way every other destination is distinct so does every airport you have ever passed through. Traveling to a new city or just a destination can be hectic since you do not know your way around the place, but traversing the Newark airport will be a walk in the park for you with this guide. Follow the steps and procedures outlined here to have a stress-free travel day at the airport.

Situated just 15 miles and to the southwest of Manhattan, this international airport is among the three dominant airports that serve the fascinating New York City. Since the airport is among the first significant airports in the States, it remains top in the list of busiest airports considering the number of passengers it holds. The airport has got three terminals, and United has reached the most significant amount of flights, thus making Newark airport the third largest airport around.

Traveling from the airport has always been easy since there are no taxis. Traffic, tolls, or even shuttle buses and if any the traffic is well-managed.

At The Airport

There are numerous ways via which you can access the airport via train at New Jersey. To make your experience at the train station easier, you could consider purchasing a ticket that will enable you to get both to the airport and from Newark easily. Once you are already at the airport, you can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi for the initial 30 minutes. After that, you will have to pay for the service on an hourly basis.

TSA Pre-check

If you have not yet registered for TSA pre-check, then you are doing yourself a great disservice. The pre-check eases you of any anxiety about missing your flight which could be as a result of long wait times. A TSA pre-check ensures that before you travel, you are well prepared and on time to the airport.

Keep your ID on standby

Imagine having arrived at the airport, and you realize that you picked the wrong ID on your way out or probably the wrong license or maybe holding up the line since you have to look so far for your ID. Ensure you find your ID the previous night before you travel and secure it in an accessible place. Put it somewhere; you can quickly draw it out without having to rearrange everything else.

Follow TSA Regulations

TSA regulations are imminent and to have an easy time at the airport ensure you follow them meticulously. In case you have a carry-on with you, all the loose toiletries must be managed in a clear plastic bag. However, odd it may sound it is lucrative to label everything you have so that you have an easy time at the airport. In case you have traveled with an iPad or a laptop, then make sure you draw it before arriving at the checkpoint.

Dining at Newark

Newark Liberty International Airport has recently experienced significant upgrades meaning that there are several new establishments. Several restaurants can be explored at United’s Terminal C. They include Wanderlust which is a burger bar with several beer offerings and gourmet burgers and a French bistro too.

Back in 2017, the airport commissioned Jacques Torres who is a chocolatier and pastry chef to instigate a chocolate shop and a 24-hour bakery. Terminal C has got several eateries such as Melange Bakery café, a secret and sushi restaurant and a Tsukiji Fishroom which receives its fish from the renowned Tsukiji fish market. Basically, Terminal C is where you will find a wide array of trendy and high-end restaurants.

Libations before the flight

If you are looking to grab a cold drink before you commence on the journey, then Terminal C is your go-to point. Here you will find Proof which is a watering hole entailing a bar and restaurant. This is where you will explore the best whiskey to select from that is not easily found at airport bars. At Proof, you will also find cocktails, beer and wine.

Discover the Caps Beer Garden at this fabulous Terminal with a plethora of whiskey to choose from. At Caps, you are also sure to find an enticing beer menu for both the American brews and international beers. Beer trend never stops here as you will discover more bottles at Belgian Beer café. It is part of the Belgian bar and restaurant giving travelers a wide selection of beers to choose from.

Airport Shopping and Amenities

Featuring in the top 10 list of massive airports, Newark has got several Club lounges including one at Terminal A and two at Terminal C. At Terminal B are several international lounges which include British Airways, Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. There is also a new unit at Terminal B, which is readily accessible to travelers. The Art & Lounge goes for $ 35-day pass for travelers.

Again you do not have to worry about parking your vehicle at Newark airport. There are several EWR parking lots here to accommodate several cars. Newark airport parking rates are also very hospitable more so for the travelers wishing to leave their vehicles for a long time say more than one week.

There is also the daily parking option for drivers who drop and pick passengers near the airport. Security is a very crucial issue here at Newark airport parking facility. You are sure to find your vehicle in the same state you left it. Numerous clients’ trust Parkos parking services, and that is why you will always hear happy clients talking about Parkos.

This international airport has got several designer and local shops, which include Swatch (Terminal B), Papyrus (Terminal A), Metropolitan Museum of Art (Terminal C) and Brookstone (Terminal C). With all this glamour already installed in the airport, there is still a full-service spa known as Departure Spa found in Terminal C.

In case you have to wait for hours before your flight is sky-bound, Newark is surrounded by fabulous itineraries to discover such as The Mills which is the biggest mall in New Jersey and also visit the Newark Museum.

Final Thoughts

Newark airport does not have to be challenging anymore, even if it is your first visit. Go through the issues and hacks in this guide to have a smooth and fascinating time at this resounding airport. The nearby features can be explored once you jet in the airport or if your flight has been delayed for several hours.


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