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  • A Phase Of The Yearly Travel Cycle Has Come To An End Bills football

    I need to get back to work.

  • Why Accomplishment Is Important In Travel

    So you arrived, now what? Perpetual travel isn’t just about where you go, but what you accomplish.

  • The Traveler’s Plot Line: How To Make Your Travels Interesting

    To make the most of travel be sure to have a plot.

  • Travel to Break Out of Ideological Niche

    It is not my impression that the act of world travel, in and of itself, broadens the mind. Rather, people who go abroad just tend to view the various places they visit through the same paradigm of the place they come from –they see what they expect to see through the lens of their own culture, [...]

  • Four Stages of Knowledge and Travel

    As far as my observations can tell, there are four stages of knowledge that most people pass through on the way from becoming a novice to a master of a given practice. When I hear someone talk about something, I make sure to note what stage they seem to be in, where I stand in [...]

  • The Essential Need for Adventure

    “To find myself in something of that scale, almost unknown, was worth every drop of sweat, every public bus ride, every fly infested nowhere border town I have invested time in, ever. Dwarfed by lush green mountains rising up to 3000ft above us, we were drawn in ever deeper with a constant eye on the [...]

  • Vagabonds Travel for Work – Must Diversify Income

    I am Tired of Being a Poor Vagabond, I failed at travel blogging, too, must find other work MEXICO CITY, Mexico- There is a rule of long term travel that states that a traveler must eventually find work on the road or go home. Income works best in travel when it comes from a variety [...]

  • How to Live the Traveler Life

    ZIPOLITE, Mexico- I just received a question from a Brazilian reader named Yuri that truly hits on some key points of living the traveler live. Yuri, who is now 19 years old, says that he is getting ready to jump into travel by hitchhiking up into Central Brazil and then keep going north indefinitely. Before [...]

  • Three Month Travel Rule

    Three Months to Stay in One Place Limit Travel Rule I call myself a perpetual traveler, this means that I have three months to stay in any one place in the world at one span of time. Any place that seems friendly enough, any place that makes the sweet offer of work, any place where [...]

  • How to Become a Traveler

    How I became a traveler The following is an interview that I did for an AOL Travel web property in March of 2010. The interviewer requested a piece that seemed like we were sitting around a coffee table, having a conversation in person. So I wrote a collection of anecdotes that he could pick excerpts [...]