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  • Asus Eee PC Motherboard Problem

    SAN CRISTOBAL de las CASAS, Mexico- The plump Mexican tech guy threw his arms up into the air upon seeing me walk into his shop: Your computer is dead. The tech guy thus officially delivered the news that I had already known prior to bringing my Asus Eee PC into his computer repair shop for [...]

  • Travel Plan for Mexico

    Mexico Travel Plan SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- 2010 is the year for Mexico, at least this is what the president says. This year is the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s independence, the 100th anniversary since its revolution, and the year that the Vagabond Journey family will go into the country deep. We are looking [...]

  • End of Perpetual Travel Conclusion

    End of Perpetual Travel Conclusion There is no way that people are going to stop traveling the world, I do no believe for a second that the perpetual travel will become an archaic apparition rearing its head only in history books: I know that the war against the backpacker cannot be won. World travel on [...]

  • Exit Fees – Another Travel Expense

    Country exit fees – What am I paying for? Perhaps one of the most onerous onslaughts against the modern traveler is governments and airports charging fees to exit a country. These taxes often jump up on a traveler by surprise, and many people have been stuck in no man’s land with their jaws hanging, as [...]

  • Bank and ATM Fees for International Travel

    New Bank and ATM Fees Imposed on International Withdrawals ATM fees were once a hassle that was only reserved for when I would visit my home country, the USA. I could once travel the world over and not worry about ever paying an ATM fee — those little machines just ate and then spat back [...]

  • Multi-Country Immigration Zones and World Travel

    Multi Country Immigration Agreements and the Effect on Modern Travel Countries across the globe and grouping up into regional zones, federations — dare I say, teams. There are more of these regional treaties across the world than I care to count, many have acronym titles such as FTAA, ASEAN, CARICOM, OECS, OSCE, SAARC, or names [...]

  • Tourist Visa Fees On the Rise

    Tourist visa fees on the rise all over the world, travel becomes more costly as the world comes together Visa fees are on the rise all over the world. It is a normal way of course for prices to go up as time goes on, and I know that I cannot strive for the same [...]

  • The Extermination of the Backpacker

    Documenting the Extermination of the Backpacker Series The art of long term budget travel — backpacking, whatever you want to call it — is becoming exterminated. Long term budget travelers are finding themselves moving through a world that is becoming more politically hostile, more expensive, and ever more in-conducive to their lifestyle. The perpetual traveler [...]

  • World Travel About Doing People, Not Places

    Places are just an excuse to meet people.

  • How to Work Seasonal Jobs in Tourism Seasonal work in USA map

    How to tourism work and travel while saving money in the USA Hello Amanda, Don’t worry, all dreams to wander the world lack logistics. There is a simple algorithm when it comes to traveling and taking temporary jobs: follow the birds, work in the tourism industry — beat the tourists to the seasonal hot spot and land [...]