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Tips to Save Money to Take a Vacation with Your Dog

How to travel with your dog cheaply.

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Traveling with your pet is an expensive affair, but when you plan a vacation, taking your pet along with you adds additional joy to it. With pets, you will have to pay additional charges for logistics and pet-friendly accommodations, which may be heavy on your pockets. This is why many people who planned to travel with their pets try to save up the money beforehand to take care of travel expenses.

But when you go that extra mile to travel with your dog, it is going to be fruitful, as you will bond with your beloved canine and create unforgettable memories.

If you wish to explore the world with your dog, it’s best to start building your travel funds by saving up some money. Making a budget and cutting expenditures in some areas can help you slowly accumulate funds for travel. Hence, here we have listed a few tips that will help you with this.

1. Do Not Buy Unnecessary Accessories:

Pet fashion is in trend nowadays and pet owners love to dress up their pooches so they look cute. But honestly, if the weather is not too cold, then dogs really do not need to wear any clothes. Dressing dogs up is just a trend with no real need for it. Because it is not a necessity in just a fashion moment, hence you will always find that dog clothes are quite a bit more expensive than you would expect them to be.

Do not fall into this trap and only get accessories for the pet that is really needed for their safety and security.

2. Get Effective Cleaning Tools:

When you have a dog at home, your house is bound to get dirty. You will be tempted to book cleaning services to occasionally clean the house. This can get expensive and add to unnecessary spending. Instead of spending money, again and again, to book cleaning services, why not invest in a good dog vacuum brush which is a one-time purchase and is an effective one. Vacuuming your house when you have pets is the best way to keep fur off from your floors and furniture.

3. Buy Supplies in Bulk:

The biggest expenditure that you do for the dog is buying its food. There are different brands of dog foods available in the market if you are used to giving the dog ready-made food. A few brands charge a premium value than others. A handful of them is cheap. Saving money for travel is on your priority list. That does not mean that you skimp on good quality dog food. There are a few areas where you can cut down the budget and a few areas in which you should not compromise. Choose your battles wisely.

A better way to save money on good-quality dog food is by buying it in bulk. Usually, the price of a 12 kg dog food bag is much cheaper than 4 bags of 3 kg dog food bags, which are the same quantity. Hence, do not hold off on such purchases, even if you have to pay a hefty amount up front, because you are just getting supplies for a longer term.

4. Groom the Dog Yourself:

Grooming your dog is probably another big expenditure that you have to take care of every month to ensure that your puppy is clean. Taking your dog to a professional groomer regularly can definitely put a big dent in your monthly expenses. This is one area you can cut costs from time to time. You just have to take over the grooming sessions and give your dog baths regularly. There are good quality nail clippers available in the market that can be used to trim their nails. You can also invest in a few grooming tools that will help keep their fur tangle free. When you regularly groom your dog at home, you honestly do not need to go to a salon. There are several online videos that you can watch to simply learn how to groom your dog properly. Thus, you will save a big chunk of money by avoiding visits to dog salons. Add this money to your travel funds.

5. Avoid Expensive Pet Sitters:

Another major expense on your pup is when you have to leave your dog in daycare or hire a dog sitter. Instead of spending money here, why not find a friend or relative who is willing to keep your dog when you are away? Hiring professional services. is not a bad idea, but only opt for this option when it is absolutely needed. Or else it will drain your pockets. You should also teach the dog to stay alone for a few hours when you go out for a short duration. Making your dog independent can solve a lot of issues.

6. Walk the Dog Yourself:

A lot of pet owners hire dog walkers, which is the common trend? But it is not absolutely necessary to pay for someone to walk your dog. You can do it on your own and save a lot of money. This is also good because it becomes a bonding time between you and your dog. Understand that walking is the best time of the day for your dog and it will add great value to its life if you accompany the dog. Hence, cut loose the dog walker and start walking your dog. You will also get free cardio sessions out of it, another expense saved.

The Bottom Line:

Making a few cost-effective choices can go a long way in saving enough money for your travel. It is very easy to spend a lot of money on pet products, just as the market is full of them. And it will also be tempting to buy exciting newly launched products in the market for your pooch. Restrain yourself from such impulse purchases. Rather think of the bigger picture. Our money-saving recommendations will free up your funds for pet-friendly travel so that you can make great memories together with your pooch without you needing to skimp on your dog’s everyday needs.


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