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The Best Accessories for Cruiser Riding

What you need to travel on a cruiser.

Cruiser motorcycle

Itching to take your cruiser for a spin? Whether you’re starting off a new season off commuting or getting ready for a big road trip, find out what accessories and cruiser aftermarket parts you need for an unforgettable ride. From comfortable cushions to safe clothing and accessories, these top options personalize your ride and keep you cruising in style.

Comfortable Seating

A cruiser isn’t meant to be ridden in the same forward-leaning position of a sport bike. Invest in a quality seat cushion, preferably with a backrest, to give yourself the support you need. When you’re clocking in hours of riding on the highway, you need a seat that’s built for the long haul. Add a backrest to your OEM seat or swap the entire thing out for brand-new padding.

Open Helmet

There’s nothing worse than feeling confined in a full face helmet on a warm, sunny day. Ditch that bulky piece of gear and compare the best Harley open face helmets online. Find one that’s still certified through the DOT, ECE or SNELL Foundation and enjoy reliable protection while you feel the wind in your face. Compare designs and colors to personalize your lid and keep your head safe.

Classic Cruiser Jacket

If you’re like most riders, you have to own at least one leather jacket. That said, there are a lot of excellent textile options for your cruiser. Choose a jacket that fits you well and offers you plenty of range of motion. Depending on your climate, you’ll also want to look for plenty of insulation or ventilation.

This isn’t a high-octane ride down a motocross track. Because you won’t be blasting down bumpy trails or taking sharp corners on your cruiser, you won’t have as much risk of a collision or a fall. Some cruisers take this opportunity to shed armor, while others still like to stay protected. Thankfully, you’ll find cruiser jackets with or without armor plates so you can personalize your protection on the road.

High-Flow Air Filter

Let your bike breathe with an aftermarket high-flow air filter. A replacement air filter is not only a necessary maintenance task, it’s also an affordable way to improve the performance of your cruiser. High-flow filters are particularly important if you’ve received a tune up or thrown any other mods on your bike, but they can even give an OEM bike the extra boost of intake air needed to handle the open road.

Aftermarket Exhaust

Every biker should fall in love with the roar of their particular engine. If you aren’t crazy about the sound of your bike when you open up the throttle and stand on it, pick up an aftermarket muffler or complete exhaust system to see what engine is capable of. Let out a roar you’re proud to call your own.

See What Your Bike Is Made of

Shop for all these killer mods and accessories online. Learn more with a helpful men’s motorcycle jacket buying guide or by talking to a seasoned pro about your bike accessory needs. Invest in gear and mods that make your cruise more comfortable, safe and memorable.

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