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  • Is She A White Supremacist Or Just Doesn’t Know English? Racist tattoo

    What does this tattoo really mean?

  • These Are What Real Maori Tattoos Look Like

    I discover the meaning behind a Maori woman’s tattoos.

  • Swastika Tattoo on Tibetan Man

    Same symbol, different context, different meaning. You can not cherry pick meaning, it’s provided for you through the interplay of the culture you’re from, the one you’re in, and the context of your surroundings.

  • Fang Od Traditional Philippines Tattooing Video

    Apol Danganan ventured deep into the mountains of Luzon to meet Fang Od, one of the last traditional tattoo artists in the world.

  • Fang Od and the Traditional Art of Kalinga Tattoo

    Tak tak tak tak tak tak tak…. The sound was rhythmic and steady as if following a beat. It grew more and more pleasant to my ears as Fang Od continued tapping the bamboo where the thorn penetrating my skin was attached. It maintained my focus to the pain as I watched blood spurt out [...]

  • The Social Implications of Neck Tattoos

    I woke up this morning with the weary perception that life may have changed — or at least the way that I look or am perceived could have. A painful twist of the head confirmed this: I had the remaining facets of my neck tattooed the day before. Three new pieces now covered both sides [...]

  • Tattoos in South Korea

    Tattoos in South Korea In 1992, South Korea passed laws that defined tattooing a medical procedure and since then it has continued to be ruled an illegal practice for regular tattooists in the country without a medical license, even though only about 10 doctors in the country have obtained a license and limit their practices [...]

  • Tattoos in Australia

    It’s easy to find reputable, professional and clean tattoo parlors throughout Australia’s larger cities. Like in any city, you will find different levels of skill and artists who have different styles of tattooing depending on the shop you’re visiting. Do a bit of research and find a shop that specializes in custom pieces rather than [...]

  • Tattoos in Mexico

    Mexico has to be one of the top countries in the world for tattooing. At the upper end the quality standards are very high, the studios professional, and the price of being tattooed is fair, but on the lower end dubious quality tattoos

  • Traveling Tattoo Artist in Mexico

    ZIPOLITE, Mexico- The buzzing sound of tattooist at work can be heard all up and down the beach of Zipolite. In this small town on the Oaxaca coast, which is basically just two streets laying parallel to each other and a 2 km beach, there are three formal tattoo studios, two artists tattooing on the [...]