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Popular Travel Destinations for Students on a Budget

Affordable places for student travel.

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed how the world works in various ways, including how we work, travel, and live. Students with a deep passion for traveling need to re-strategize as the old ways of packing up and getting on the go no longer work. Due to the pandemic, there have been considerable disruptions in the travel industry. More than 77 percent of people interviewed in a recent survey indicating government restrictions and legislation were the main barriers to travel. 

Furthermore, college students often work on limited finances and hectic schedules. Often, students have tons of assignments to complete with strict deadlines. However, with some help editing college essays from online professionals, you can free up some time for travel. 

That said, if you have been struck with wanderlust and would like to explore the world, college may be the ideal time to travel. The good news is that there are many budget-friendly travel destinations that students can consider. Students traveling around the world can also benefit from reasonably priced accommodations such as campgrounds and hostels. Whether you are traveling alone or with friends, here are some great destinations to consider. 



When people think about the Pacific Island, they imagine one of the best travel destinations that are way out of their reach financially and filled will highly-priced resorts and services. However, this is not always true as there are some affordable options within the Pacific Island. In addition, the region is trendy among people who seek awe-inspiring landscapes, clear waters, and chances to unwind. 

Of the many destinations in the region, Fiji remains one of the most affordable. Of course, there are many expensive resorts there that charge more than $1,000 per night. However, some options allow travelers to enjoy the pristine beaches and fantastic food without having to spend exorbitantly. 

As a travel destination, Fiji refers to a collection of awe-inspiring volcanic islands spanning more than one thousand kilometers in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. Students looking for privacy during their trips will find isolated spots in different locations in the country. 

While Fiji Water may be costly, a vacation here as a student does not have to be exorbitant. You can avoid those expensive resorts and choose the hundreds of budget guesthouses. If you go for low-priced housing and food, coupled with the fact travelers can access direct transport since most flights to the pacific make a stop in Fiji, you will enjoy a hassle-free and affordable trip. A majority of tourists visiting Fiji for the first time find the Island relatively cheaper than they had expected. 

One thing that makes Fiji highly affordable is the fact that Fiji Airlines makes a stopover here. This means that you will find amazing flight deals that could lower your overall costs. Also, many backpackers have started a community that offers low-priced transportation and housing. Here are some strategies that will see you saving considerable amounts during your trip to Fiji. 

  • Spend your nights on the main Island of Viti Levu — accommodation here is cheaper than the slighter islands, and you will make savings on transport;
  • Make cash payments — Credit cards in Fiji incur an additional 3-5% charge;
  • Use local transportation — Taxis in Fiji tend to be pricey;
  • Do your shopping at local grocery stores and markets — Stores and hotels in tourist areas tend to charge relatively more for materials like water, snacks, and alcohol;
  • Take advantage of free events — Many hotels and resorts in Fiji offer free entertainment events that you could benefit from. 


CambodiaCambodia is one of the most popular travel destinations for college students. However, it is primarily famous for its magnificent Angkor Wat. This is an enormous Buddhist temple complex located in northern Cambodia. 

The structure was first built in the first half of the twentieth century and was intended to function as a Hindu temple. It spreads across four hundred acres and remains one of the most significant religious monuments in the world. While the temple is no longer active, it remains an important tourist attraction. 

Of course, there is much more to see in Cambodia other than the marvelous Angkor Wat. Students making a trip to this locality will enjoy delicious food, unique islands, and beautiful beaches. The locals are amiable, and the scenery is breathtaking. 

Of course, Cambodia is just one of the many unique destinations in Southeast Asia. It combines affordability, hospitability, and aesthetics. Visitors journeying on a budget can access private and air-conditioned rooms for about $20. If you want to make even more significant savings, enjoy street food for about $2. Traveling across the country will only cost you approximately $20. In other words, students traveling to Cambodia can spend about fifty US dollars per day and enjoy a spectacular time. This makes Cambodia one of the cheapest places to travel as a college student on a budget. 

Central America

Central AmericaWhile this is one of the best tourist destinations globally, it received a bad rep in the 1980s as civil and political turbulence during that period tended to keep travelers away. However, there is currently stability in the area, and the zone is fast transforming into one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists. Students who are looking for adventure and destinations that allow surfing also love Central America. 

One of the reasons students choose Central America as their preferred destination is the history and culture on display. In addition, the destination is beautiful and affordable. It is also much safer than it once was. 

Of course, when taking a trip to Central America, some regions still demand caution. However, most people who have visited this region understand that Central America is not as bad as the rep it has received over the years. 

When making a trip to Central America, don’t forget to relish the amazing rainforests filled with biota and uncharted Mayan ruins. The area also offers excellent beaches for surfing as well as reefs that allow world-class diving. In addition, visitors enjoy a wide variety of plants and animals. For students, the most significant benefits include cheap accommodation, affordable food, and pocket-friendly transport. In other words, Central America remains the dream destination for any budget traveler. 

By the regional standards, you will find certain destinations such as Belize and Costa Rica are relatively more expensive. However, even in these regions, you can enjoy yourself on a budget of about $40 a day, and easily get there from the top-rated family resorts in Arizona.

Here are some fantastic activities to consider during your journey to Central America: 

  • Go hiking around the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica;
  • Take your friends to roast marshmallows over Pacaya Volcano;
  • Enjoy canopy tours in the Roatan Island;
  • Go cruising along the Panama Canal;
  • Go for a nature walk through Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Havana, Cuba

CubaSince the re-establishment of relations between the United States and Cuba, Havana has grown popular as one of the most desired travel destinations. As the biggest island in the Caribbean, Cuba comes with numerous attractions. 

One of the best reasons why students should consider visiting Cuba is that it is still largely unspoiled. Owing to decades of political isolation, Cuba has managed to remain mostly undiscovered. Its colonial cities with white sand beaches are yet to be overrun with tourists, and beautiful scenery is yet to be overrun with food chain corporations like Starbucks. As a result, Havana is colorful and awe-inspiring, and the locals are friendly. It is ideal for students looking for an authentic travel experience. 

Those who travel to Havana get to enjoy the tastefully colored building designs. The housing and art are enchanting, guaranteed to keep you snapping at your camera in the entirety of your trip. Although the Catedral de la Habana and the Capitol Building will capture your attention, don’t miss out on Havana’s less obvious but equally enchanting buildings. 

To save as much as possible during your trip to Havana, consider staying with families in the local Airbnb version of private homestays. This way, you also get to benefit from an authentic experience. In addition, your stay in Cuba will be mostly safe, and you can enjoy cheap cigars during your visit. 

Where to Visit as a College Student on a Budget 

Most of the destinations in this list can be explored by college students on a budget. However, understand that the list is not exhaustive as many other unique places you could visit. Therefore, do your research early and make financial plans well before your travel date. 

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