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Overstayed Schengen Visa and Lost Passport

Overstayed Schengen Visa and Lost Passport Hello H, Don’t worry. You are in the best situation that you can be in as far as safe guarding your exit from the Schengen zone. I have known many travelers who have been working long term in the Schengen zone who have “lost” their passports so that they [...]

Overstayed Schengen Visa and Lost Passport

Hello H,

Don’t worry. You are in the best situation that you can be in as far as safe guarding your exit from the Schengen zone. I have known many travelers who have been working long term in the Schengen zone who have “lost” their passports so that they could leave and return without fear of being hassled.

I am unsure of how well it really works, as it is often unclear if they got away with it or if the immigration official did not want to bother processing them with a fine or other punishment.

There is now a Schengen Information System that is now up and running, which is suppose to keep tabs on people entering and exiting the region. It is unclear if this system is marking your arrival date in the Schengen zone as you enter, or if it is just a way to “red flag” travelers who have been recorded for overstaying.  Though I would not doubt that it will soon be collecting your arrival details in the near future.

I am skeptical if losing your passport will really work to slip under the Schengen radar, but, if you have already lost your passport, I suppose you are able to take the chance.

US Passport

Don’t worry. Your country’s consulate has nothing to do with any visa regulations of other countries — even the one that they are based in. The most that they can do is lecture you and tell you to go home. It is not my impression that governments are in the practice of given up their own citizens voluntarily to be prosecuted by foreign countries.

If your consulate asks you when you entered the Schengen zone just tell them a more recent date. They probably will not question it. If they pry, say that you don’t have a flight receipt, boarding pass stub, or any evidence and act like they are nuts for questioning you.

Or you can tell them to go shit in their hats. Your consulate has no business muddling in the affairs of France. Your consulate has no business messing with you, as it is your tax dollars that fills their bank accounts. It is my impression that they know all of this, and they probably will not hassle you.

Just make sure that you have a tighter story for losing your passport than the one you wrote below. In various regions of the world, it is common for travelers to “lose” their passports to remove evidence of visas. I would not lie about it, but just add more details to the story. You cannot say that it was stolen, as you do not know if this is true and you may be required to get a police report, which would then bring France into the issue and not work to your advantage. I say that if there is any way that you could say that you lost your passport on a some sort of public transport it would be best. Leaving your passport in a taxi cab is a good way to lose it, or on a bus or train.

At any rate, I do not think that your country will deny you a passport even if they think that you intentionally lost yours in order to leave no evidence that you overstayed your Schengen visa. Your embassy is suppose to be your ally abroad, not your foe.

Just have confidence and do not act like a subordinate when talking to your consulate officials. They work for you, remember that.

If you have any supporting identification, bring it with you to the consulate. I am not sure what documentation you will need to get a new passport abroad, but I would suggest bringing originals or scans/ photocopies of the following:

  1. Photocopy of your passport- Everything will be worlds easier if you have this.
  2. Driver’s licenses- Original is best, but a photocopy or scan will help as well.
  3. Birth Certificate- You probably do not have the original with you so have your parents, or someone who is able, scan a copy of it over to you as soon as possible.
  4. Any IDs- Bring all identification with you and have someone from your home scan all of your photo IDs that they can find over to you, and then print them out and bring them. Get copies of university IDs, drivers licenses, Social Security cards or the equivalent, anything! The more identification you have, the better.
  5. Any Documents linking you to home country- Bring anything that you have that has your name on it with an address in your home country. Have someone send you scanned copies of any paid utility bills, bank statements, library overdue notices . . . anything with your name on in linking you to your country.

I usually keep a document in my email inbox that has scans of all of the documents I would need in the case that I find myself in a foreign land without hard documentation. If you have this, then you should not have any problems. If you don’t, they have someone scan you copies of as much identification as they can.

I hope this helps.

Let me know how you make out.

Walk Slow,


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Original question about overstaying Schengen visa and losing passport

Im travelling with my partner thru Europe for an artistic project. Its taken longer than we anticipated, and now we overstayed. I know you have already answered a lot of overstay questions. The problem is we lost our passports. I hadn’t noticed, but we were preparing to take a side trip out of Paris and i can’t find them. I clearly have to go to the embassy and tell them, but I am worried that now we will surely get busted for the overstay. Have you had any experience with losing/ or stolen passports, and how much information the embassy will require from us, will they know we overstayed etc.? It seems like its more risky to lie to the embassy than the immigration officers upon leaving. now I don’t really have a choice.
Thanks for all your great advice, I have been looking everywhere for answers and loosing sleep.

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