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Online Dating Foreign Women: What Can You Ask Her?

What to say — and what not to say — when trying to date foreign women online.

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To make your online romance on https://www.dating.com/ successful, you should know what questions to ask foreign women when online dating. If you manage to get her interested in you and the things that you’re talking about, then you can improve your chances to starting a romance — and maybe even starting the path to marriage — with her!

The Best Topics To Discuss

To come up with good questions to ask foreign women when online dating, you should pick the right topics to discuss:

Cultural Curiosities

Ask about unique cultural aspects from their country, such as traditional celebrations, customs, or cuisine. This shows genuine interest in their background and fosters an opportunity for them to share insights about their culture.

Favorite Childhood Memories

Ask about their fondest memories from childhood, allowing them to reminisce about cherished moments and share personal stories. This opens up a window into their past and provides an opportunity for meaningful conversation.

Dream Travel Destinations

Explore their dream travel destinations and the reasons behind their choices. This not only reveals their wanderlust and adventurous spirit but also provides inspiration for future travel discussions and potential shared experiences.

Language Learning Experiences

Inquire about their experiences learning languages, including any challenges they faced or interesting encounters along the way. This showcases their dedication to communication and may lead to discussions about language exchange or cultural exchange opportunities.

Cultural Misconceptions

Discuss common misconceptions or stereotypes about their country or culture, allowing them to debunk myths and share authentic perspectives. This promotes cultural understanding and opens the door to enlightening conversations about cultural diversity.

Inspirational Figures

Ask about influential figures from their country or culture who have inspired them, whether they be historical figures, artists, leaders, or everyday heroes. This provides insight into their values and ideals, sparking discussions about shared sources of inspiration.

Favorite Local Dishes

Inquire about their favorite local dishes or recipes, inviting them to share culinary delights from their culture. This not only showcases their gastronomic preferences but also provides an opportunity for future culinary adventures or shared cooking experiences.

Celebrated Traditions

Explore significant holidays, festivals, or traditions celebrated in their culture and ask about their experiences participating in these events. This allows them to share cherished memories and cultural practices that hold special meaning to them.

Things You Shouldn’t Ask About

To be a great potential match for her, you should also know what questions not to ask foreign ladies when dating online. Here are a few topics that you better stay away from:

Political Views

Avoid delving into sensitive political topics, as discussions about politics can quickly escalate and lead to disagreements or misunderstandings. Respect their right to hold differing opinions and focus on more neutral conversation topics.

Religious Beliefs

Similarly, refrain from asking about their religious beliefs or practices unless they bring it up themselves. Religion is a deeply personal subject, and discussions about faith can be sensitive or contentious, particularly if there are differing beliefs.

Stereotypes or Generalizations

Avoid making assumptions based on stereotypes or generalizations about their country or culture. Asking questions that perpetuate stereotypes can come across as ignorant or offensive, so aim to approach conversations with cultural sensitivity and an open mind.

Sensitive Historical Events

Be cautious when discussing sensitive historical events or traumas associated with their country or culture. While it’s important to acknowledge and learn about history, approach these topics with empathy and sensitivity, and avoid causing emotional distress.


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