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On The Move Money-Making Tips

How to make the money to travel the world.

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Whilst travelling the world can be one of life’s greatest experiences, it can all too often leave a gaping hole in our bank accounts.

As Vagabond Journey has previously covered translation editing as a way to make money on the move, it seems like a good time to introduce other topics that can serve as mobile money schemes that range from freelance web research, to even just watching TV or playing online casino games.

Freelance work. Seeing as the digital revolution has given our working practices a much more mobile future, we can all take advantage of freelancing companies who provide the chance to work, no matter what your location is.

Upon signing up to a company such as Freelancer, you can search through one-off jobs that range from web design to copywriting, plus there’s always the option to do more menial tasks such as gardening and cleaning if you need to get away from the computer screen.

Of course, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re not going to fall foul of your locale’s tax authorities, but most freelancing companies will have that covered. And if anything, it’s the dilemma of overworking that can most realistically derail your travel plans.

Paid entertainment. But if that sounds too much like hard work, then there are many individuals who have joined Netflix’s Stream Team as a way to make money. This project gives you a chance to rate and categorise movies and TV shows, and offers the unlikely possibility of getting paid to binge-watch.

It’s not just film and television that pays, as online gaming sites such as Lucky Nugget Casino now provide a loyalty bonus for their casino games that include slots, blackjack and poker so that you can gradually build up the funds for your next glamorous excursion.

Market research. But whilst playing online casino games in a foreign locale may sound attractive, you can also offer your expertise to a range of marketing companies so that you can get paid to evaluate their marketing plans.

Companies such as iPoll provide online surveys so that you have help them refine their strategies and also pick up some extra cash regardless of your location. And the great thing about this kind of job is that you can pick and choose when and where you want to work so that you’re travel plans can stay your priority.

So if you’re freelancing your way into your next location, or just playing an online casino game to afford a slightly more luxurious meal, there’s plenty of ways to make money on the go.


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