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  • Homemade RV Converted from Moving Truck

    How to convert a moving truck into an RV.

  • Travel Boycott of Arizona

    Travel Boycott of Arizona, More Harm than Good? There is a movement in the USA to boycott the state of Arizona. People with a chrystiline notion of justice have made a call that tourists should not travel to Arizona in an attempt to pressure the local government into overturning its new batch of anti-illegal immigrant [...]

  • History of the West is for Tourists

    As I travel through the western reaches of the United States of America I become suspicious of a pattern that I see all around me: the romance and idealism of what was. The over-glorification of the past: a smiling glimmer tossed backwards that would not be so peachy if the temporal mediums were to meet. [...]

  • Archaeology Anecdotes – Crew Walks On

    Archaeology Anecdotes taken from autumn of 2009 — The archaeology crew was beaten, bloodied, sprained, and exhausted after 38 miles of surveying through thick walls of prickly pear, manzanita, cat’s claw and an assortment of nature’s more malicious varieties of plant life. The heat of the sun was sharp at 7,000 feet of elevation and [...]

  • Archaeologists Stupider Than Chickens

    Archaeology fieldwork makes me look old. “Fit as a fiddle,” is how Fruugal gently describes it. “Old” is how I do. I wear my 8 seasons of archaeology fieldwork on my face. The sun, heat, cold, wind, rain, snow — all of nature’s moods in the extreme — greet me in rapid succession whenever I [...]

  • Mormon Tea and the Naming of Things

    I enjoy the stories that often get attributed to the naming of things. There are many things that have a nomenclature that was obviously influenced from a story, a legend, a cultural pattern, or history. I like all of the gun and shooting references in modern English: “On target,” “Taking aim,” Trigger happy,” “Cocked and [...]

  • Illegal Border Crossing to USA from Mexico

    A travelogue entry about border jumpers and Chaya’s experience doing relief work on the US/ Mexico frontier — On that side is Naco, Mexico, on this side is is me, America. There is a fence between us. “How long is that fence?” I asked my friend, Al, who traveled be RV for 15 years after [...]

  • RV Travelers in USA

    I have been staying for the past couple of days in a town called Palominas, a last stop town before Mexico. By town, I mean that it had a church — I suppose a church is the indicator of a place that warrants a name in the American Southwest. ——————— Wade from www.VagabondJourney.com Palominas, Arizona, [...]

  • Travel to Palominas Mexican Border of USA

    Mexican border of USA not a no man’s land — I was driving west across highway 92 after a quick visit to Bisbee, Arizona, and I spotted a town to my left that I did not remember seeing the first time I passed this way. It looked as if it was sitting in the middle [...]

  • Petroglyphs in Arizona

    Petroglyphs in Arizona, Archaeology field work in Tonto Forest — “I have a Petro over here!” exclaimed an archaeologist in the Tonto Forest of Arizona. We were walking out our transects through the Pinyon Juniper shrub trees on top of a highly elevated mesa in the forest. Prehistoric sites were reveling themselves out of the [...]